Slugs & Bugs

Christian Kids Music Slugs And Bugs Under Where?

I am always looking for new tunes in the car, I came across a CD of Christians kids music  Slugs & Bugs Under Where? I get tired of the same old CD over and over.  I was so happy to review this CD because I was looking for some new, upbeat and fun tunes.

The first time I played the CD it was an instant hit.  Both of my girls started bobbing their heads to the beat.  Grace (1) starts swinging her arms and clapping.  She adores music, if she wasn’t strapped into her car seat she would have been spinning in circles and dancing.  Isabella (4) was delighted to hear the new tunes and listened carefully to the words.  She loves to sing so I knew she was soaking up the music and words to start singing along.  Her favorite song was There’s a Hole in My Sock.  She said “isn’t it silly this is a song about holes in your socks.”  Grace’s favorite seems to be I’m Adopted.  I know this because every time it comes on she squeals with delight and starts clapping like crazy.  Because this CD was so wonderful, Isabella asked to bring the CD inside so we could listen to it during dance time.
Each day while I am preparing our meals I play music for the kids.  We sing and dance until we are out of breath or the food is ready.  I love to see them laughing, smiling, and enjoying every second of the music.  Slugs & Bugs Under Where? is our new music to listen to and it has brought us great joy.  We are making wonderful memories.  Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson also write music for VeggieTales.  The base of the music is Christian and I love that my kids are listening to wholesome music with uplifting positive messages even if some of them are about silly holes in your socks!  You can purchase this CD for $14.00.  Slugs and Bugs also has A Slugs & Bugs Christmas and Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies.  Check them out on Facebook!