doriIt has been said around the blogosphere that Mommy bloggers pull each other down like crabs in a bucket. That we don’t like to share our contacts, opportunities,  or basically help each other out. At Makobi Scribe, I try to help out in every way I can. It is my philosophy that if you share your knowledge and spread the love so to speak, it all comes back to you ten-fold. One of the ways I help the blogs I visit daily are found on my Chrome Extension Bar. What you don’t have chrome? You can download it here: Chrome.

My Favorite Extensions I Use Daily To Help You

  • Alexa Toolbar Extension for Chrome – This means every time I visit your blog it counts towards a visit and helps to lower your Alexa score. You can read more about why you should lower your Alexa score and how it can help you here: INSTALLING THE ALEXA TOOL BAR WILL HELP YOU RECEIVE BETTER REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS
  • Stumble Upon Toolbar for Chrome –  Stumble Upon has become of great interest to me and is quickly becoming a growing traffic resource for my blog. I help you out by using my Stumble Upon toolbar when I see a post I like of yours.  Even if you do not have the Stumble Upon button, I can still “Like” your post submitting it to Stumble Upon and bringing you a share of the traffic pie. You can find out more on Stumble Upon: HOW TO STUMBLE CORRECTLY WITH PICTURES and STUMBLE UPON SUCCESS TACTICS
  • Digg Extension for Chrome – Yet another great site to submit I use to submit your techy posts to. Again, it is on my toolbar, so you don’t need to have the share button for me to submit to Digg. HOW TO DIGG TUTORIAL WITH PICTURES
  • +1 Extension for Chrome – Yep another extension to enable me to share your quality posts with the world (or at least the ones who have internet access)!

Now naturally, all of this helps you; but if you download all these extensions, you in turn can help me and the other bloggers out there. So don’t be a crabby Mommy Blogger (or Daddy) and Let’s all be fish and swim together towards a common goal! Just keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!

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