Our family has 3 dogs.  I was lucky enough that the first 2 don’t require grooming, but the problem is that I was allergic to them.  Not too long ago, we rescued Milo, so that I’d have a little pal to cuddle with at night.  He doesn’t shed very much, so I’m not very allergic, but he does require a haircut, and since money is tight in our house, I really wanted to save money by grooming him at home instead of taking him to a groomer.  Now, he has a funny, thin coat that tangles really easily.  If I start combing him in the back and I get all of the little knots out, they’ve just returned by the time I get to the front.  This causes him to chew on his hair to try to get them out, and then the skin gets irritated.  Plus, to minimize the slight shedding in my bed, I started putting pajamas on him, and now he refuses to live without them.  For these reasons, I want to keep his coat short to reduce tangles.

Cippers To Groom Your Dog At Home

Wahl is known for clippers, but what you may not have known is that they have a whole line of pet clippers as well.  I was sent their At Home Deluxe Pro Series Pet Clipper Kit to “attempt” to groom my puppy.  The kit is wonderful – it comes with a cordless clippers with self-sharping high-carbon steel blades, 4 different clipper guides, a comb, a cleaning brush, blade oil, scissors, hand mirror, charger, blade guard, hard storage case with handles, and best of all, an instructional dvd so that you’re not completely on your own trying to groom your dog!

My son and I watched the video together, because I thought that 2 heads would be better than 1 when retaining the information.  The dvd gave great tips for how to groom many different breeds, as well as how to properly prepare the dog for grooming and how to care for and use the clippers.  Now, Milo’s just a puppy, and he’s never been through this before, so he was a little squirmy.  I brushed him thoroughly and got all of the knots out, and then I set up our “grooming station” with towls and a pad underneath and made sure I had all of the supplies ready before we started.  My son was on hand with a butter knife with peanut butter on the end to try to distract Milo while I was clipping.  I started by rubbing the handle side of the clippers on him and allowing him to sniff them, and then I turned them on and rubbed them against his skin, so he was somewhat familiar with the sound and vibration.  Then went the clipping.  I have to say, I haven’t been this nervous in awhile.  His coat is so flimsy that none of the cuts in the video quite fit him, so I just did the best I could.  I started with his back and sides, and took him pretty short.  He did pretty good through this since he had peanut butter on his mind.  Once I got to the legs and tummy, it was all over.  He really didn’t care about the peanut butter anymore and just wanted off the table.  My son helped me hold him still so I could finish the legs and tummy.  Next, I scissored around his face and head.  I tried to use the examples in the dvd, and to be honest, this was probably the easiest part to do, since there wasn’t a loud machine to be scared of.  I would have had no idea what to do to the face if it weren’t for the dvd, so am I glad I watched that first.  The whole ordeal (minus the pre-combing and bath) took about a half hour.  It’s not perfect, but I also wanted to keep his first time short so that he wasn’t overly stressed out.

I was so impressed by what easy work these clippers made of the job.  They cut through his hair like butter, and and accessories were perfect!  The dvd was a necessity, and I liked that there was a variety of comb sizes, even though I only used 2 different ones.  These clippers are a great investment.  I can’t afford to take Milo to a professional groomer, and since he wears pajamas all of the time, I didn’t care if it was perfect.  Plus, I’m sure that over time, my skills will improve as I learn his coat better and as he gets used to the process.  I was scared to try this on my own, but with the tools that were provided in my Wahl At Home Deluxe Pro Series Pet Clipper Kit (available on Amazon or at retailers near you), it really took the anxiety out of the situation and made me confident that I am able to keep up with his grooming at home.