Clean Your Floors With Steam

Clean Your Floors With Steam

Do you still use a standard mop or do you clean your floors with steam?  I have used a standard mop for years and have recently learned about the pros of using a steam mop to clean your floors.  I have tried just about every brand of mops available and none of them got my floors clean to the level of standard I wanted for my family.  When you mop with steam, you are killing virtually all the bacteria on your floor and you aren’t bending over killing your back in the process.  The other plus to owning a steam mop is that it takes you a fraction of the time to clean your floors than a standard mop.  With a stem mop you can say good bye to buckets, wringing and pushing around dirty water.

Caitlin helping clean the floorsThe HAAN Corporation was started by a Romi Haan, a clever and enterprising young Korean housewife who was tired of scrubbing her floors every day.  In Korea, it is important that housewives keep their floors cleaned daily, but it was time consuming, not very effective and back breaking. Romi Haan started the HAAN Corporation with the help from talented engineers and designers who were dedicated to creating a durable and effective product that would revolutionize floor cleaning.  With such a huge success in Korea with 75% of Korea households using the HAAN products, the move to the USA was a logical progression.  Thanks to Romi, women worldwide are able to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying other things in life.  You can like HAAN on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or watch them on YouTube.
Mop Floors Without Chemicals

Mop Floors Without Chemicals

It is important to me to mop floors without chemicals as my husband and son have terrible allergies.  I love the idea of using steam which is the most effective method to not only clean your floors but to kill germs, viruses and dust mites.  I also love to save money and when you are cleaning with steam, you are also saving money by not purchasing floor cleaners and other products that are filled with harmful and unhealthy chemicals.  I was recently given one of the HAAN steam mops to review in my home and I can tell you I was very eager to use this item.  The HAAN Power & Finesse SI75. ($159.95) is a multi-function cleaner because you can clean the floors or you can use the handheld method for garments, mattresses, drapes and much more.  You can see more features  of the The HAAN Power & Finesse SI75 below:

  • Swiveling Low Profile Head
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Machine Powered Steam Pump
  • 15 Steam Jets
  • 2 Reusable Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads
  • Carpet Glide Attachment
  • Attachment Kit: Shoulder Strap, Extra-long Extension Hose, Angled Nozzle, Wire Scrubbing Brush and Mini Steam Head with Cleaning Bonnet
  • Floor Protector Resting Mat
  • Lime and Scale Remover

I absolutely love the ease with which you can use the HAAN Power & Finesse SI75.  As you can see from the picture, Caitlin was a big helper and volunteered to clean the kitchen floors for me.  All you do is fill the reservoir with water, turn it on and in a few seconds you have hot steam to clean and deodorize your home. Another feature I love about the HAAN Power & Finesse SI75 is how dry the floors are seconds after you clean them.  It was nothing short of awe inspiring to see how awesome my floors looked after cleaning them.  The other task I promised myself I would do was to steam all of our mattresses to get rid of dust mites, bed bugs or any other gross things that can collect in your bed.  This tool allowed me to clean all four of our mattresses in less than an hour!  It was fantastic.  You can see a complete listing of the awesome HAAN products here.  For the price of the HAAN Power & Finesse SI75, it is a great value because you can’t really place a value on your time can you?

HAAN has graciously offered an exclusive discount to Makobi Scribe readers.  If you purchase a HAAN Power & Finesse SI75 steamer through August 6th, you will receive $10 off the already affordable price of $159.95 by using the Code JULYMS.


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