Clean Glasses

Clean Your Glasses

Do you clean your glasses with your shirt?  I have a terrible habit of cleaning glasses with whatever is close by.  I will use my shirt, a tissue, my jacket or whatever else I can get my hands on.  The problem with doing this is the glasses usually get more smeared than they had been before!  I have a friend who has a carrying case for her glasses and it has a lens cloth with it as well.  Whenever she needs to clean her glasses, she fumbles around for the case and then gets the cloth, cleans her glasses and then puts everything back.  Seems like a lot of trouble for an action that takes about 2 seconds to complete.  Not only am I too lazy to go fumbling around for a lens cloth, but I would lose it anyway.  Believe it or not, there is a company who has developed the best idea for effectively cleaning your lenses with your shirt or tie.

SwipeSwipe, is a division of Swipe Apparel, knew that cotton, denim or wool, which most apparel is made of, was not a good choice for cleaning glass lenses.  In testing the effectiveness of cleaning lenses with these fabrics, they found all they did was smear and not clean at all.  Using this as a jumping of point, the staff at Swipe Apparel decided they were going to create a product that combined the convenience of cleaning your glasses on your shirt or tie with the proper lens cloth.  What came out of that is one of the cleverest ideas I have seen in a while.  After months of research and testing, Swipe Apparel has created the SwipeTee and the SwipeTie.  They have taken the best cleaning fabric and combined it with the best apparel and the SwipeSwipe was born!
Clean Your Glasses

Clean Your Phone Screen

Do you find yourself constantly needing to clean your phone screen?  As much as I use my smart phone, I am always wiping it on my pants or shirt or with a napkin from the Acme fast food restaurant.  None of those really clean the screen very well.  When I was given the chance to review the SwipeTee and the SwipeTie,  I was very intrigued!  The tee has a cleaning cloth attached to the sleeve and the tie has one on its underside.  The lens cloth is high quality and it isn’t as noticeable as I thought it would be.  We got a navy blue shirt and the cloth is dark blue, so it blends right in.  The tie has its cloth underneath, so it never shows.  I never realized how much I was smearing my glasses until I used the SwipeTee.  The SwipeTee cleaned my lenses as well as if I has used window cleaner.  This is a brilliant idea and I am guessing it is going to become crazy popular.

TWO readers will win their choice of one SwipeTee (retail value $24.95) and one SwipeTie (retail value $34.95).

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