650P-6_PKG_RGB_PI really am not fond of cleaning. Actually I detest it, so anything that makes quicker work of such tasks is alright by me. Dishes are my nemesis. I really just need a dishwasher that has little men inside of it to clean all of the nooks, crevices, stuck on food and hard to reach places. In my dreamland that would allow me to just pile the dishes in and wala! they would come out clean! Ha! Maybe these little guys could even put the dishes away? Well, until this happens I had searched for products to cut time cleaning. One of such items is the Scotch-Brite wand with the soap in it. I have been using this for many, many years religiously. I mean you don’t have to open the soap, fill the sink or anything. You have soap and sponge all in one!


Now there is the all new Scotch-Brite® Clean Curve Dishwand! It is like the old one, but better because it cleans where others can’t.  This glass above was too long to reach my hand into. It also had a two-day old tea ring in it. The Clean curve dishwand got the glass clean with no problem and minimal effort. I love how long the soap lasts. It is refillable so I do not have to throw it away when I am done. It also has a clear soap level so I do not have to guess or open the wand to check. You can get the Clean Curve Dish wand and it’s refills in Heavy Duty and Non-scratch for all of your dishes. You can find the Scotch-BriteTM Clean Curve Dishwand in for a suggested retail price of $5.49 . You can also purchase the  refill packs for $4.99.

The refills are my friend. I stock up on them because I live in a house full of gross boys. These gross boys will use the dish wand to clean the rim of their cars, bathtub, who knows. With plenty of refills on-hand, I do not have to get upset at the antics of my loved ones. See I just like the easy way…