Ideas for dressing up your deck

Ideas For Dressing Up A Deck

We recently had a new deck built and I have been looking for Ideas For Dressing Up a Deck.  We went with a protective sealant but kept the natural color of the wood.  Our house is a medium grey, so the two together are not making much of a decorative statement.  I could not think of what I could use to tweak the look, so I decided to search online for some ideas.  Here are just a few:

  • Plan Your Theme:  What do you plan to do with your deck?  You can’t decide on what pieces to add to your deck until you know what they are for!  Do you want a cozy outdoor retreat or an outdoor dining area?  Depending on what your plans, both of these ideas call for completely different items.
  • Choose Your Anchor Pieces:  Before you can decorate, you need to find your main pieces be it a bench and chairs, a daybed or a table and chairs.  Once you decide on the best pieces to begin with, then you can move onto the fun part; choosing your accent pieces.
  • Choose Your Accent Pieces:  Let’s say you decided on a cozy retreat for your deck.  Decide what pieces you think would pull the look together.  The best places to find your accessories are; your own home, flea markets and thrift stores.  Since you’re decorating for the outside, why spend a lot of money at the discount store when you can just as easily find items for a fraction of the cost.  It is best to build from the bottom up, so the first thing you want to find is a good floor covering. This may be tricky to find at the flea market, so if you need to purchase one, look for bargains.  I found a great place that offers a huge variety of area rugs and beautiful baskets; Fab Habitat.

Choosing An Outdoor Rug

Choosing An Outdoor Rug

When you are choosing an outdoor rug, be sure to choose one that is suitable for the outdoors.  If you were to use a standard indoor rug, it will discolor, fray or start to disintegrate over time.  The indoor/outdoor rugs at Fab Habitat are perfect for decorating both inside and outside your home.  These rugs have beautiful patterns and colors that will dress up any space in your home.  What is really cool about these rugs is that they are made from tightly woven recycled polypropylene straws!  They are easily washed and they are lightweight and study enough to take camping or to the lake for a picnic.  The rug I chose, does not have the UV protection and is better suited as an indoor rug.  As my deck is completely covered, I felt secure in placing it on our deck.  I chose the reversible Jaipur 5×8 rug and it was on sale for only $34.00!  The rugs are priced very affordable at Fab Habitat, so you are sure to find something you love!