Nutritional Foods for Kids

It seems like mornings always so chaotic whenever we need to be somewhere at a specific time.  I often feel that no matter how early I start the process of getting everyone ready to get out the door we are still perpetually in a mad rush to get wherever we need to be.  Unfortunately none of my children are really the wake up and eat type of children so on the days we do need to be somewhere early I am constantly on them to eat.  In most cases their breakfast is only half eaten by the time we need to leave the house.  At this point I am usually searching for food that conveniently goes in the car.  It is really hard to find nutritional foods for kids that is also convenient.  Luckily our kids love Clif Kid, they have been a great save for us on many occasions.

Fruit bars for kids

Snack On The Go

Clif Kid has now offered a great new product to their line, Clif Kid Zfruit.  Their zFruit is made of organic fruit puree that is then twisted into a rope, making them a great snack on the go.  Each one is equal to one serving of fruit, they are gluten free, an excellent source for vitamin C, and contain no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.  They are offered in a large variety of flavors, Fruit Punch, Grape, Mixed Berry, Sour Apple, Strawberry, and Tropical Twist.

Clif Z Fruit

Clif Bar and Company was started when owner Gary, who got the idea when he was out for a 175 mile bike ride.  He took a bite of a protein bar and realized he could do much better.  Gary named the Clif Bar after his father Clifford, his childhood hero.  Two years later the Clif Bar was born after having spent numerous in mom’s kitchen.  Clif Bar and Company was created with 5 aspirations in mind: to sustain the plant, community, people, business, and brands.

Clif Bar and Company not only has a great business philosophy, but they create products that are great tasting and nutritional!  If you have not tried the Clif Kid products check out the new Clif Kid Zfruit, it is yummy! You can enter to win an entire case of Z-fruit by entering the GT form below.

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