I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out and about and I’ve wanted to pull up a website that I bookmarked at home.  I’ll spend forever with my cart pulled over at the grocery store, on my phone searching to try to find a new recipe I’d already looked up at home but forgot to write down the ingredients for.  I wish there were a way to save websites in a virtual space so that I can easily pull them up wherever I am or even share them with my friends!  Well, the people at clipix must have felt my pain because they solved my problem! is a great new website that allows you to “Clip” websites to your “Clipboards” so that you have them handy for future access!  You can utilize Clipboards instead of internet bookmarks, create shared Clipboards so that you can share your great finds with your friends, or even create Syncboards so that an entire group of friends can add websites and share things on the same Clipboard.  I have friends that love to cook, just like I do, and we’re constantly sharing our recipes with each other.  Now, instead of sending recipes in emails to all of those friends (where it can be difficult to find and refer back to), I can just Clip it on a Syncboard and everyone can see it!  From there, they can even reclip it, comment on it, or share on Facebook or Twitter!  With a Syncboard, the next time I’m not sure what to make for dinner, I can just go to my Clipix and see what my friends have been sharing!

Clipix is free to sign up for, and easy to use.  One you register, all you have to do is add the “Clip” button to your toolbar.  Find a page you want to save?  Just click the Clip button and a pop-up window will appear that lets you choose a picture to accompany the Clip, as well as what Clipboard (or category) you’d like to put your clip in.  On the Clipix website, you can create as many “Clipboards” as you like, and title them whatever you want.  Maybe you don’t have time to read articles as you run across them.  You can create an “Articles to Read” Clipboard.  Want a place to save your online recipes?  Create a Recipe clipboard!  The possibilities are endless!  Books to Read, Gifts to Buy, Gadgets to Research, Game Websites, Movies to See, Restaurants to Try, Vacation Ideas, Funny Videos – these are just some ideas for the types of Clipboards you can create!  Or if you really want to organize, you can even create Multiboards.  Let’s say you have a “Shoes” and a “Handbags” Clipboard, each featuring things you’d like to purchase.  Since they both are shopping related, you can create a “Shopping” Multiboard and put both Clipboards under the “Shopping” Mulitboard!  The people at Clipix have really thought of everything to help you organize your online favorites!

How would you use Clipix?  Sign up for a free account today and leave comments giving the rest of us great ideas for how to maximize Clipix!  I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I do!

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