ClosetMaid sent me the Home Office Kit to review, and my kid was here when it arrived…

Don’t you love it when you send your kid something for college with all the promises in the world.

Mom, just let me have it and I PROMISE I will take good pictures. I promise I will clean my room and straighten everything up. I know that your blog is important to you. PLEASE let me have it, mom pleaseeeeee!!!!

Closet Miad ShelfTrack

Oh…Okay…I trust you will do a good job.

Sigh. The image above is the 30th picture I was sent from an iPhone (maybe the very first one considering the quality?) This was after I asked that he pick up his shoes, Mountain Dew cans, turn off the TV, clean off the desk and move all of the trash. This is what it should look like, but in a beautifully taken high-res image… Totally my fault! I should have driven over and took the images myself right? I mean he is in college, and twenty…right?

It is okay. Feel free to laugh at me, but the point is still made. This Home office kit from Closet Maid is not only perfect for people who work at home, but also perfect for those kids (dare I say adults) in college as well. It provides a way to keep most of the stuff off the floor. (His printer was on the floor), a place to put his laptop (It used to reside at the foot of his bed), and provide some semblance of order.

ClosetMaid has launched a new ShelfTrack Elite product at Staples stores nationwide. ShelfTrack Elite Home Office, is made up of seven different products and whether you use all of them or an assortment of them, the product line creates a perfect home office or study area. My son is using the Home Office Kit with the desk and shelves, and the bookshelf kit with 3 shelves. He loves the flexibility of this functional product and I love the affordability. He was able to put the system together by himself with no extra screws left over!


One reader will win a Book Shelf Kit from Closet Maid to start your organizational journey.


  1. I own over 200 books! I NEED these shelf’s lol This would be the perfect way to get some organization in my home 🙂

  2. Home Office – Idea 5 of 6

    As a child I dreamed of owning my own business; it has been a dream to help other’s with resolutions that they were otherwise unable to afford. I attended working towards this dream till I was injured in an accident. I have a condition known as RSD / CRPS & Epilepsy and I had to drop from my academics and job just to attend medical appointments. I lost all I owned, I had to pay something (as a down payment) before I could leave the hospital – I no longer have my computer and laptop, computer desk, printer, scanner, software etc. This would really help with my dream & ambitions!

    This would be the perfect dream come true! The upside, it brings… a chance to make my childhood dream a reality!

  3. I really like the 6 Cube Organizer. That would be very handy in our home office or in my daughters room.

  4. I love the wood closet organizers. They look like a great way to keep your closet more organized and manageable without looking like a tornado has just gone threw it every time you’re looking for that one thing you need.

  5. I love the wire closter organizers but how cool on the website you can design it that is so helpful

  6. I really like the shoe organizer. We are moving into a new house that does not a lot of closet space and this would be great and look nice too. Thanks.

  7. I love the impressions closet kit. I could so use this. It would work perfectly in my closet

  8. We have several of the cube organizers and baskets. We love them, and keep them in a couple of rooms in the house.

  9. My fave is the laundry shelf that stacks up on top of the units. Its the “Do it for me” version.

  10. I love the 12 cube organizer! I have a bunch of random stuff that would fit into the organizer!

  11. love the home office kit, would be perfect for our spare room that will be my craft room and then shared with the new baby..

  12. My favorite product is the Close Mesh Wire Shelf! This would be perfect for getting my closet organized!

  13. sound like my desk at home i would use it in the other office we are setting up to do taps and then i be a ble to do work them on it

    • for got to put the thing you sid you ike i need the drawer i got stuff all over the place and then could use it

  14. My favorite is the Pro Garage 48 in. Storage Cabinet – it would sure help organize the clutter in the garage!

  15. I could use their 72 in garage storage cabinet. I need something tall like this to store our tall stuff 🙂

  16. I like the 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet. It will fit perfectly in a space in the home office.

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