Clothes That Make You Feel Good I think many women have struggled with self esteem at one time or another. We are so inundated with stick thin models through the print, television and social media. Even though deep down we know this is not the norm, we still feel somewhat pressured to look like those women. The average size of a woman in the modeling industry is between a size 0-2. The average size for your typical woman is between a 12-14. It is no wonder so many females suffer from eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. I turned 50 last year and with that, came much reflection. I realized I had spent too much precious time worrying about how I looked and what other people thought of how I looked. I wanted to focus on being healthy, regardless of what size that may be. I have started eating organic, have cut out red meat, stopped drinking soda and joined the YMCA. I am going to allow my body to decide where it is going to be and whatever size that is, I am going to be accepting of it. Ironically, I found more and more that people were not seeing me the same way as I saw myself. They often had a much more positive view of how I looked than I did. Clothes You Will Feel Great In

In the process of accepting where I am with my body size, I have been looking for clothing that make you feel good about yourself. I am tired of hiding behind and underneath over sized clothing that make me feel like a frump. I have decided to revel in my body image and size, regardless of where I am in the process. I am choosing clothing which I feel makes me look and feel pretty, like those from Covered Perfectly. Pauline Durban started Covered Perfectly because she was frustrated with the clothing she found in her closet. We have all been there, finding shirts with sleeves that did not cover the part of our arms that make us look like we have wings or the tops which were too short and we were in danger of showing a belly we wanted to keep under wraps.

Covered Perfectly

Like me, Pauline had people tell her she looked great but she did not necessarily feel the same way. She wanted to look and feel as comfortable and confident as possible. She wanted women’s tops that made her feel beautiful and empowered but finding that elusive top became increasingly difficult. So in 2012, Pauline began designing clothing for women which were made from uber soft material, were comfortable and as Pauline says, “covered all the right parts: perfectly!” In my quest to find clothes that made me feel good about myself, I hit the nail on the head with Pauline’s designs.

I received the Wrap Over top in blue, which sells on the Covered Perfectly website for $60. I love the super soft Micromodal fabric with the bit of Spandex so it feels good and it has some stretch to give a comfortable fit. The wrap style combined with the lovely draping hides the fact that I have had a few kids and my tummy is not exactly flat! I am absolutely in love with this top and wear it just about every time we go out! If I could envelope myself in this fabric, I would stay in it forever! I also received the Cascading Vest in the brown leopard, which sells for $40 on the website. This super chic and fashionable vest is so much fun to wear! You can wear it long, tie it in the front or back or with a belt, just to name a few. My friend Shelley over at Still Blonde After All These Years, gives a wonderful demo in this video of the different ways you can wear the Cascading Vest. After you see how amazing Shelley looks in the vest as well as the different and creative ways to wear it, you will want one in each of the 4 prints!

How cute is Shelley in the Cascading Vest?! I love the sheer and delicate flowing material and the cute leopard print. It looks great with just about anything from jeans to a skirt to leggings. It is hands down, one of my favorite items in my closet.  The first time I wore it, my husband whistled at me! If you want to find women’s clothing made for women and by a woman, Covered Perfectly has you, well, covered perfectly! Be sure to follow Pauline on Twitter and Pinterest.

For Makobi Scribe readers, you can take 20% off using MS20 at checkout when you purchase from Covered Perfectly.

What problem area do you have and which Covered Perfectly piece would wear to cover it?