Are you looking for a new place to live? Today is a buyers market and a perfect time to check out Colorado Real Estate. Prices are at a all time low, making residential neighborhood living affordable for many families. Specific home amenities and size are easier to find because of the abundance of home inventory. Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful scenery. The rolling mountains and fields of green make it the perfect location for people who love and appreciate the great outdoors. Colorado is also known for their excellent schools and green living.

Boulder real estate is popular for many reasons; In the past several years, the city was voted the Most Educated City in America by Forbes Magazine, ranked number 5 on The Top 25 Green Cities by Country Home Magazine, and number 6 on AARP Magazine’s for the 10 healthiest hometowns. The city is surrounded by 31,000 acres of open spaced and has over 130 miles of hiking trials. This truly is an outdoor athletes paradise and a better way of living for many. Boulder is the home to more then 100,000 residents and has a low crime rate. Perfect for any new and starting families. Downtown Boulder, Colorado has fabulous shopping, restaurants, lodging and entertainment. With amenities like these, make it no wonder why people are buying real estate in Boulder.

Buying and selling in Denver, Colorado is just as wonderful as buying and selling in Boulder, Colorado. Denver has the same great natural beauty. Denver, Colorado is one of the top cities to buy an investment property or home. There are many up and coming neighborhoods that will give a later return on your investment. Buying a property that needs renovations is a great way to see a return on your investment quicker. Check out Colorado’s real estate today and start looking for your new home or investment property.