Comfortable Allergy Free Clothing

I have taken for granted that I have had no issues with allergies in my life. Other than an occasional stuffy nose or itchy eyes from being exposed to pollen too long, I have been unscathed. Because I had never suffered from allergies, nor had anyone in my family, I did not realize how they effected people. My husband has extremely bad allergies and he is miserable during the spring time. He even has an inhaler that he keeps nearby in case things get too much for him. In addition, his skin is extremely sensitive and if I do not wash his clothes before he wears them, it is rash city for him. I am constantly on the lookout for companies that make comfortable allergy free clothing. One of those companies that I recently learned about is Cottonique, who has a line of products for people like my husband.

Comfortable Allergy Free Clothing

I have researched and learned a lot about different fabrics and dyes that are in a large majority of clothing. At the very least, I have to wash everything I buy for my husband before he can wear anything. Of course, I must also use special laundry soap for that as well. If I can find him clothing that is made from chemical free cotton, I am totally happy. All of the products from Cottonique are made from natural and chemical free 100% combed cotton, which is perfect for Chris. Through research, the development team at Cottonique has designed a line of clothing that are hygienic and allergy free.

I was sent a pair of the Men’s Drawstring Lounge Pants for Chris and they are incredible. They are:

  •  Completely latex-free for sensitive skin
  • Purified organic cotton process
  • Double-layered cotton lining
  • Irritation-Free label for sensitive skin
  • Textile Dye-free & Resin-free for sensitive skin

The company firmly believes those materials found in nature are the answer to many health issues people suffer from. They have successfully developed a line of clothing that are safe for the skin as well as for our planet. With their patented (CHTP®) hydro-thermal fabric finishing technology makes the fabric soft, absorbent and chemical free. They are also using an innovative material they developed for the waist bands that are latex and spandex free, which is a huge breakthrough. In addition to their lounge pants for men, women and children, Cottonique also sells underwear, socks, bras, shirts and other clothing. You can purchase the men’s lounge pants for $36.75 from the Cottonique website as well as their other products.

*Please note the men’s pants are not modeled by my husband as he was unavailable for the photo shoot*

One USA reader will win 4 Cottonique bras of their choice ($11.90-$55.75 each)


  1. I wish these were in my size, but I believe my granddaughter who has a lot of issues with clothes bothering her, itching and gluten problems, with dermatitis would love to try this bra – Slimfit Bra with Adjustable band

  2. I’d love to try the Kid’s unisex Rib Long sleeve shirt (2 pack) for my kiddos.

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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  4. women’s drawstring lounge pants look so comfortable. just got home from the hospital and need to find allergy-friendly clothing and household items.

  5. I think one of my favorite products would be the Latex-free Socks (2 Pack). My daughter has high allergies and these just seem very comfy.

  6. In the comment section on the blog, tell me what your favorite product is the Women’s Front Closure Support Bra Black Queen

  7. I’ve never used any of these products but i’m interested in any product that is super comfy!

  8. I like the Slimfit Bra with the adjustable band. The Pull Over bra looks more comfortable but I’m always concerned about not being able to adjust the size for the best fit.

  9. I like the Slimfit Bra with Adjustable Band Black. Thanks
    – AaronandKasi Erwin facebook/rafflecopter

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