Comfortable Shoes For Kids This Summer From Tsukihoshi Sweepstakes


Comfortable Shoes For Kids

Comfortable Shoes For Kids

I have been looking for comfortable shoes for kids this summer.  The kids wear their flip flops and water shoes a lot, but they also love to ride their bikes, scooters and Plasma Car.  With all that activity, I need to be sure that the shoes I get them are comfortable not only as far fit but also for hot weather.  I did not want to get a pair of shoes that would be too heavy in this sweltering heat we are enjoying!!  I was hoping for something light weight but not cheap, which has been more difficult than I had anticipated.  I did find a pair of shoes at the discount store, but they started coming apart within 3 weeks.  I was not happy at all.

I am so thankful that I found a fantastic shoe company that is dedicated to making great shoes for kids.  Tsukihoshi is a company that has been in business since 1873!  I bet they know what they’re doing huh!?  Tsukihoshi shoes have worked with orthopedic physicians for 25 years developing the best shoes for your children’s feet.  The shoes have a “Molded Cup Insole” which supports their arch as well as neutralizing foot odor.  Because kid’s feet are not fully developed, they need extra support in certain areas of the foot.  The Tsukihoshi Company have also developed the “Flex Joint Outsole” to allows small feet to bend from the big piggy to the little piggy and the “Comfortable Shoe Last” enables those little feet to have extra room so the piggies can wiggle when they hit the ground running!  These shoes are also incredibly lightweight and you can even throw them into the washing machine!! I know, right?!?!  AWESOMENESS!!

Well Made Sneakers For Children

Well Made Sneakers For Children

I have struggles to find well-made sneakers for children and it has flustered me.  What is the point of spending $30-40 on a pair of shoes that fall apart within a few weeks?  I should just roll down my window and throw a few bills out to anyone who wants it.  I was so excited to try the Tsukihoshi shoes for Henry because he has many of the issues these shoes are made to correct.  He chose the Youth Speed ($64.30) in red, black and gray.  The minute the shoes came, he put them on and ran down the hallway and back and stopped in front of me.  He yelled “Mom!!  Did you see me running?  Did you see how fast they make me run?  I feel like Dash from The Incredibles”!  How stinking cute is that?  These shoes are so well made that I couldn’t believe I had finally found a great pair of shoes for my little super hero!

One reader will win a pair of shoes in their choice of design and size, valued at $25.00 to $66.00

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