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Comfortable Solution To High Heels From Footzyrolls Sweepstakes

Comfortable Solution To High Heels

How many of you are tired of looking for a comfortable solution to high heels?  I have found, as many of you most likely have, there are very few options to the uncomfortable high heels we women wear.  I wonder how ever invented this style of shoe and said “Well, there is a fantastic idea.  We will make a shoe that women will force themselves to wear even though they will be in constant pain.”  Although a version of heeled shoes has been around since the ancient Egyptians, the craze began to catch on when the wife of Henry IIIV, Catherine began wearing a shoe she had designed to add height to her diminutive frame as well as the status that came with a heeled shoe.  It seemed the wealthier you were in that time period, the higher your heels would be.  This shoe was more like a platform, which technically does not count as a heel.  The average heel height for women today is between 1.5”-4”, although you will see 6”-8” heels as well.  Can you imagine wearing a pair of 8” high heels?  How in the world do you even walk without breaking an ankle?

Footzyrolls is the genius idea of two sisters; Jenifer and Sarah Caplan.  Like many women, Jenifer and Sarah bought and wore many pairs of high heeled torture devices because they were the latest “it” shoe of the moment.  As fashion changes, so do the styles of shoes as well as the varying heights of the heels.  Gone are the days when the girls would stash their heels in their purse once the pain began but hopefully before the blisters!  What were they to do with their spare pair of shoes if the latest purse happened to be a clutch?  If only they could just roll or fold up a pair of shoes and stick them in their little clutch?  While watching Oprah talk about how painful it was for her to wear heels, the sisters knew they were not alone in their suffering.  They knew they had to figure out a way to be fashionable yet comfortable.  With Sarah’s background in Finance and Jenifer’s in Public Relations and Accounting, the pair had the perfect combination for a successful idea.  And so Footzyrolls and Footzyfolds were born…

Comfort Over Style

Who said we can’t choose comfort over style?  Who is it that dictated all things beautiful would come with a painful price?  Jenifer and Sarah Caplan didn’t agree with this school of thought and set out to change the paradigm.  Footzyrolls are the cleverest addition to the fashion world in quite a long time.  I was lucky to review a few pairs of the Footzyrolls and they are so awesome!!  I was sent the Everyday ($22.00 each pair) in both silver and gold as well as the Fresca Footzyfolds ($38.00) in pink.  The Footzyrolls are so comfortable but are still stylish, so you don’t feel as if you are underdressed for an event.  I actually gave the Fresca to Caitlin for school as she was experiencing sore feet at the end of the school day. Caitlin has a breezeway to go through to get from class to class and by the end of the day, her feet are killing her from all that walking.  The day she wore her pink Footzyrolls, she came home and was so excited to tell me her feet didn’t hurt!  (She loves reviewing products as much as I do!!).  Thank you Jenifer and Sarah for helping this family have feet that look as good as they feel!

One reader will win their choice of one pair of Footzyrolls ($22-$30).

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