Thomas Fitzsimmons


Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman

The next book by Thomas Fitzsimmons Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman is a tale of corruption and love on the streets of New York. After his partner Damato died, Beckett is assigned another partner, a woman Destiny Jones. The bond of partners runs deep but the two of them never really knew how deep until it was tested. Looking for some extra cash, Beckett along with some other fellow cops started “rocking” on the side. Landlords with problem tenants (gangs/drug dealers) would pay big money to have the tenants removed from the building. Beckett thought it would be no big deal, easy money but things turned much more violent than he could have imagined. It turned him off and he wanted no part of doing it again.

Approached by a colleague, he ended up going to work for a prominent business man doing overnight security in his home. The pay was good but the abuse he put up with from his employers was more than he could stand but he made a commitment and was going to finish out. He was very surprised to see how situations in the home played out and who was involved.

As the health of his partner declined so did his relationship with long time girlfriend Solana. Destiny’s relationship with her husband was also failing and turning violent. Destiny asked Beckett to do the unthinkable. At first he said no but after her pleads he agreed. No one would have ever imagined how things would play out that day but world’s were turned upside down.

Thomas Fitzsimmons knocked this one out of the park. I loved every second of this book, as I turned each page I longed for more action. This is not my typical genre of books but I am hooked and waiting for more. I look forward to reading more from Thomas Fitzsimmons in the future as I know I will not be disappointed in the least. You can purchase this book for $ 13.99. A few other titles from Fitzsimmons are Date with an Angel, Bodyguard and Mad Dog Cole. Don’t forget to check him out on Facebook!
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