Connecting With Your Family

I have mixed feelings about the kids being back in school. After a jam packed summer, I think we were all ready for school to begin. The kids needed the structure and I needed to time to concentrate on work. Although this has been great for the family, I miss seeing the kids whenever I wanted to during the summer. With homework, after school activities, meetings and more taking up our time, we do not get as much time to hang out. If time is short and you are feeling the void of not being together as a family, here are a few fun activities you can do with each other:

4 Ways To Connect With Your Family pin

4 Ways To Connect With Your Family

  1. Date Night: Dates night is not something only adults can participate in. Grab the kids and take them out for ice cream, rollerskating or a walk around the block. You do not need to spend a lot of money, or any for that matter, to have fun as a family.
  2. Game Night: Nothing beats a rousing evening of charades, Monopoly or Super Mario brothers on the gaming system.
  3. Movie Night: On a school night, you may not have the time to go to the theater to see a movie with the family. Instead, pop a bowl of popcorn and turn on Netflix and watch one of the many family oriented programs and movies available.
  4. Cooking Night: You do not need a bunch of chefs in the kitchen to prepare a meal for the whole family. However, everyone can pitch in and do their part to put together an easy school night meal. For instance, you can try these amazing Double-Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza Nachos made by Andrea Lynn, as suggested by the Netflix team.

pizza nachos

Regardless of what you do together as a family, what matters is doing things together. This can be as simple as a movie or sharing a meal or even a snack. Sit down and catch up on one another’s day and communicate with each other. We may be bogged down with  homework, sports practice, PTA meetings and play dates, but that should not get in the way of your family time. Instead of limiting your family  time to just Fridays, open it up for any day of the week. You can create new family traditions during the school year with lots of laughs and memories to last a lifetime.

Netflix has a ton of wonderful family programming for you and the kids to enjoy. For the younger crowd, you can see those crazy characters in The Muppet Movie or Bob The Builder, Wendy and the rest of the construction crew. There are titles for every age group, so you are assured to find something for everyone in the crowd. And for mom and dad to have a bit of alone time one the kids go to bed, there are plenty of adult programs and movies available for you as well. Netflix is easy to stream on your laptop, mobile device or through your gaming device. With programs starting at under $10, there is a package to fit just about any budget. Be sure to visit Netflix on Twitter to stay current with their latest titles!

Which of these tips for connecting with your family would you likely try?