Cookware That Is Easy To Use

Cookware That Is Easy To Use

I have been pining away for new easy to use cookware for a long time.  I have been using the set of cookware I received as a wedding gift 15 years ago!!  The large pot had lost a handle and I was missing 2 out of 3 lids.  Awkward!!  I Decided to look into one of the most trusted brands that I was familiar with; T-fal.  This trusted company recently come out with a new cookware named Ingenio.  I am so honored and terribly excited to tell you about my experience with the new 20 piece set of the Ingenio cookware ($149.99).  The T-fal Ingenio 20 piece cookware includes:

  • One 5 qt. Dutch oven with one glass and one plastic lid
  • One 1 quart sauce pan with one glass and one plastic lid
  • One 10 1/2“ and one 8” frying pan, each with one plastic lid
  • Two 7” removable handles
  • One two quart plastic mixing bowl with integrated cut out lid
  • Four interchangeable greater lids with finger guard

The Ingenio has 6 features I want to tell you about.  I am going to review each area in the order I used it so you can see how easily you can go from prepping to cooking to serving using only the Ingenio products. The features are:

  • Mixing bowl and lid with four interchangeable grater inserts
  • Patented removable handlesUnique glass and plastic lids
  • Revolutionary Thermo-spot technology
  • Non-stick and scratch resistant exterior and interior
  • Energy efficient

detachable handles
Mixing bowl and lid with four interchangeable grater inserts: This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!! I was making garlic noodles, so I boiled my water, drained the pasta and popped on the small grater and put fresh garlic in the pan!  Yep!  Cool Beans!!  Patented Removable Handles: The Ingenio cookware comes with two detachable handles that are easy to put on and take off.  This feature is unbeatable for ease and convenience.  How cool is it that you can cook a dish in the pan, move it to the table, take the handle off and it becomes a serving bowl.  If you have leftovers when the meal is done, you can snap on one of the plastic lids and move it to the refrigerator.  WOW!! The handles can be used on the stove-top, inside the stove, on the table, in the fridge and in the dishwasher.  Storing the Ingenio cookware is easy because the handles come off, so the pots and pans stack easily into each other.  It is kind of like Russian nesting dolls except they are cookware!  I keep my handles in the drawer but obviously you can store them wherever is convenient. The glass lids have folding handles, which are great for two different purposes. When I was keeping the noodles warm on the stove, I put the glass lid on to keep the warmth in.  When you are ready to serve, you pinch the handles, making it so easy to take off or put on.  When you are ready to put your cookware away, the handles fold down so they stack easier.  When you combine this feature with the nesting of the pots and pans, you only need ½ the storage space.
Energy Efficient Cookware

Energy Efficient Cookware

With the new technology used In developing the Ingenio line, it is a versatile and energy efficient cookware.  The Thermo-spot technology alerts you when the pan/pot is preheated, which cuts down on the length of time it sits on the burner, hence the energy savings.  The pattern on the cookware changes to solid red when it is ready to perfectly cook your food.  The other feature with the Ingenio cookware is how quickly it heats your food or boils your liquid.  My old pan I used for cooking pasta took about 5-7 minutes to heat the water to a boil.  With the Ingenio, it takes about 2 minutes, which took some getting used to!!  By the time I checked on the water in the Ingenio pot, much of the water had evaporated!  With my old cookware, I would put the pan on the burner and waited several minutes for my food to cook or water to boil.  When I made grilled cheese with the old cookware, it took about 4-5 minutes for the pan to heat up and cook the sandwich.  With the Ingenio cookware, it took about a minute, so by the time I came out to check on the sandwich, it was BURNED!!  Now for the best part, the non-stick surface T-fal is famous for.  I kid you not that I went from the stove to the trashcan and turned up the pan and the sandwich slip right off.  The cheese that had melted and burned onto the pan, wiped out with a paper towel! LOVE IT!! The chicken I made turned out much better!  I didn’t use any oil, just a little water with seasoning and look at how beautiful it turned out!!  So if you combine the Thermo-spot technology with the shorter heating/cooking time, you are saving energy, which in turn saves you time and money.  Instead of standing over a pot watching it boil, you can be hanging out with the family instead!!

I love my new Ingenio cookware so much and I am grateful for the set I received for this review.  I hope I was able to convey to you how amazing this cookware is so you will be inspired to up your cooking game with Ingenio.

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