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Cool Backpacks For Kids From Raskullz Sweepstakes

Cool Backpacks For Kids

I wish they had cool backpacks for kids when I was in school.  I got one backpack when I started high school and I was expected to use it until I graduated.  How unfair  is that?!  We didn’t even have backpacks with characters on them or cool graphics.  We had a limited choice in colors and that was as exciting as it got!  We all wrote on our backpacks to give them a little flair, but it was a pretty weak attempt!  Now, there are so many options that is overwhelming when you try to choose just the right backpack.  Although Caitlin is the creative one in the family, she usually goes for plain pink or purple for her backpack.  Henry on the other hand is all about characters, animals or graffiti looking graphics.

You may know the Raskullz company who makes the cleverly designed helmets that was seen on the Oprah show, is worn by the A-List Crowd in Hollywood (like Gewn Stafani)  and are sold at Target or Toys R Us (just to name a few).  This is one company that thinks way outside the box. Their designs are definitely going to let your kid be the cool one in the crowd at school.  Do you have a kid who goes against the grain and is the leader not the follower?  Well, that is the kid who is going to love the Raskullz products.  New to the Raskullz line of products are their awesome backpacks ($34.95) and luggage ($34.99), which can be seen at Target now.  What makes the Raskullz products stand out way above all the rest is their unusual ground breaking 3-D technology.  Your child is sure to fall in love with Buggins the cute ladybug, T-Rad the T-Rex or maybe Sparkle Heart the unicorn.

Unique Book Bags For School

Each school year I try to find unique book bags for school that will help the kids fit in.  The worst thing a mom can do is send their child to school on the first day with a Care Bears backpack when they are starting the 6th grade!  How embarrassing is that?  With Henry’s autism, he may be 11 years old physically but he is somewhere in the 6-7 year old range mentally.  We had an awful time with helping Henry fit in at school. Before we pulled Henry out of school so we could home school, he was really into Kung Fu Panda, which was not popular with the other kids in his class.  He got teased mercilessly.  When I was introduced to Raskullz and found they were adding backpacks to their line, I was all in!  Henry chose the Black Shark backpack (retail $26.95) and let me tell you, this backpack made one little boy very happy. The 3-D head is flexible and really strong.  The This backpack is so stinking awesome! There is a lot of room and one feature that I appreciate is the craftsmanship of the backpack itself.  Inside, there are extenders on each side which allows your books to easily fit without busting it wide open.  The We haven’t decided about Henry going back to public school next year, but at least he will be sporting the most awesome backpack in the 5th grade!

One winner will receive a Raskullz of their choice (depending on availability) (retail $26.95).

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