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Cool Desks For Kids From Legare Furniture Review

Cool Desks For Kids

Since we recently bought new bedroom furniture for Henry and Caitlin, I also wanted to find cool desks for kids.  The kids have gotten to the age where they are bringing home more school work.  I am one of those people that can study anywhere with my iPod blaring, but the kids are different.  My kids need a quiet place where they can focus in order to do their homework.  When we first got the new bedroom furniture, the kids would study in their bed.  Well apparently “study” is code for watching TV in bed!   So they could have a specified area where they could work, we decided to look for desks.  I could not believe the small selection that was available, and what was available all looked the same.  We looked at several furniture stores both here and online and we kept coming across the same limited choices for desks.

Legare is one of the coolest furniture stores that offer a completely different approach to furniture.  Started in 1999, Legare began as a side project that turned into a successfully brilliant furniture company.  Mike Markwardt was an ace in global sourcing and distribution and Howard Klion was a genius in the sales and marketing areas.  Putting the talents of those two men with the design and engineering skills of Brock Brandenberg turned into a match like no other in the industry.   With sleek, modern lines, strong materials and a smooth surface, the Fun To Assemble furniture was born.  The Fun To Assemble trademark earned its name because no tools are needed for assembly.  How cool is that?!    With the patented locking design, the Legare products are sturdy and are easy to take apart and reassemble.  If you are looking for something more appropriate for adults, there are plenty of items to choose from, all with the same fashion forward design.

Make Homework Fun For Kids

To help ease the pain of homework overload, I loodked for ways that showed how to make homework fun for kids.  I was speechless when I was asked to review one of the amazing 3 minute assembly desks for kids.  These are by far the most incredible and stylish desks I have ever seen.   They are put together by matching a small number of pieces into corresponding slots.  When they say Fun To Assemble, they are not joking!  The kids asked if they could help me assemble the desk and within minutes those pieces were transformed into a desk any child would be happy to have.  With the desk, you also get a storage bin, a side shelf and a shelf on top as well, all made of the same sturdy materials.  The storage bin fits nicely under the two shelves which are on the under side of the desk.  The other feature I really love is the stain resistant surface that wipes clean easily.

The Legare Company is offering a 20% discount for our readers on any of their products.  Just use the online coupon code “makobi” at checkout.

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