Jakobi says, ” Hey Mom, there are fish in my cup!”  This is such a cool cup my son has in his hands.  It is BPA Free with a flip top sipper and comes in 5 colors.  Cool Gear EZ-Freeze Snack Time has this nifty little frozen core that enables the drink to stay cold on top while the snacks stay fresh on the bottom.  This will allow me to cart milk around to playdates on hot Florida days and not worry about the milk going sour.   I didn’t put that many fish in there because this cup is recommended for kids over the age of 5.  I think the reason for that is so they don’t dump the fish on the floor, “Oh Jakobi!”  At any rate, next to his bed this evening he had to have his blanket, his new cup and his frog.
Now Mason’s cup is actually a water filtration system.  EZ-Freeze Pure is also BPA Free and has a tight-fighting spill proof straw.  As you can see it is super easy for him to hold.  The core can also be frozen to keep the water cold and the filter will filter 150 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.  The top flips over the straw to keep it clean in your pack.  I love the fact that I can just put cool tap water in here and know that it is safe to drink.  Below is my cat guarding my water bottle.  My bottle will hold 32 oz and the filter will last as long as for Mason’s bottle.  If you look close you can even see my nifty labeling!  You can buy the EZ-Freeze Snack Time for $4.99, and the EZ-Freeze Pure Bottle can be purchased for $9.99 and $14.99 or you can win a 14 oz EZ-Freeze Pure and an EZ-Freeze Snack Time by entering below.
The giveaway portion of this post has been removed and you can find the winner on the winner’s wall. This review and giveaway was provided at no cost, but the opinions expressed are still 100% my own.