cupsI’m a bit of a water snob.

I like water and I try to drink as much of it as I can, since it’s good for all kinds of things. However, I tend to be more than a little picky when it comes to which water I will drink. So when I was asked to review the EZ-Freeze Pure Water Bottle by Cool Gear Inc., I was intrigued. “A water bottle that filters the water as you drink it? AWESOME.” (I also snagged a 20oz Double Wall Reusable Chiller Cup! Pink, of course.)

On the day it arrived in the mail, I excitedly unpacked it. The filter itself requires a bit of set up or “priming” in order to get it going. The bottle also comes with a built-in gel “Freezer Stick” that keeps your water chilled. I carefully followed the short instructions on prepping my bottle for first use.

The next morning, I filled my new bottle with water from the tap (GASP) and closed it up with the filter and Freezer Stick intact. The built-in straw is a flexible silicone that is reminiscent of my young son’s sippy cups. That gave me a brilliant idea. I’d have my picky kiddo try it first!

(What good are kids if you can’t use them as test subjects?)

My three-year-old is pretty finicky (wonder where he gets it from). I coaxed him into the kitchen with the very snazzy-looking bottle and asked if he wanted to try “Mommy’s new water bottle”!

I’m pretty convincing, so he took a long drawn-out sip. “Is it good?” I asked, intrigued.

“Yeah!” he said smiling, and took another long sip.

I took a sip myself and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of “tap water” taste. It tasted clean and cool. Totally drinkable! The Freezer Stick kept my water pleasantly cool for the majority of the day, even through a couple refills at work. It also has a nifty loop on the cap that allows you to easily grab it with one finger while simultaneously carrying everything else in the world with your hands and arms.

The 14oz EZ-Freeze Pure Water Bottle is $9.99 and comes with both the filter and Freezer Stick. Replacement filters are also available for purchase.

In addition, the 20oz Chiller Cup is a great alternative to throw-away drink cups, especially from restaurants. The Cool Gear Inc. version is double-walled and even has a nifty band to keep your hand from getting cold. Plus the $8.99 price is super affordable.

The only problem is that now my son wants to drink out of the Pure bottle all the time. I’m probably going to have to order another one.
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