Cool Golf Apparel For Men

Cool Golf Apparel For Men

Have you noticed there are not a lot of companies that sell cool golf apparel for men and women?  My husband and my oldest daughter’s boyfriend Mike are avid golfers.  When Chelsea and Mike were up for a visit recently, Mike and my husband were talking about how lame golf apparel had gotten lately.  They both said they were not even going to bother looking for anything updated and just wear polo shirts on the course.  I could not believe that there weren’t ANY places to find cool golf apparel for men in.  So, I made it my mission to find at least one online store that had some clothes the guys would like.

Yay for me!  I found the absolute coolest golf apparel and accessory store online. Let me warn you that Tattoo Golf is not your father’s golf store!  Tattoo Golf is chocked full of apparel for the younger golfer who has a sense of style!  Bill Anderson realized one day in 1999 that all the golf apparel available stunk and he was determined to change that for the world of golf.  What started in the corner of his garage has now turned into a store for golfers who had the same desire that Bill had, which was to find clothes that had style with some attitude thrown in to make things interesting.  Currently Tattoo Golf has their own brand that is aptly named; Aggressive Golf Wear.  The Tattoo Golf line includes shirts, hats, outerwear (just to name a few) for men, women and youth as well as every golf accessory you could ever imagine.  What I think is so refreshing is that Bill did not compromise his tattoo inspired designs or his high standards of quality.  As of today, there is a fresh new look in golf apparel in all 50 states as well as 35 countries.  Before long, I am crossing my fingers that Tattoo Gold will take the #1 spot in the golf apparel and accessory industry.
Stylish Golf Accessories

Stylish Golf Accessories

Now that you have found the apparel you can’t live without, you must also find stylish golf accessories.  Lucky for me, Tattoo Golf came to my rescue just in time for my husband’s birthday.  I am not a golfer (I know, gasp, shock and horror), so I had no idea what to choose for the review.  Greg Shaw from Tattoo Golf is the most helpful soul who thankfully was able to suggest items for me to review.  He suggested the Green Monster golf shirt ($54.99), the plaid skull hat ($24.99) and divot tool and ball marker ($24.99).  Please be advised the statements I am about to make are true and are in every way printed in hopes of enticing all who reads this to visit Tattoo Golf!  My husband opened the package on his birthday and he had the biggest grin I have ever seen.  He is usually so non-emotional about anything that when he smiled like that, I knew I had been steered in the right direction from Greg.  Chris went in the bedroom and changed immediately and then proceeded to go the store he works at to show off his cool golf wear and then proceeded to make me wash the shirt every night for FOUR nights so he could wear it for FIVE days in a row.  Mike and Chelsea come for a visit this weekend and when Mike saw the new items from Tattoo Golf that, his jaw dropped and said he had never seen anything as sweet as that shirt and hat.  Mike then went directly to the living room and says to Chris that it would be a nice gesture if Chris would give his future son-in-law at least the shirt as a token of friendship.  I cannot repeat the next words my husband said, but NO was at the end of the sentence.  As Mike and Chelsea were packing to leave, Chris was at work so Mike asked me if I could please let him take the shirt and hat and tell Chris they were lost.  Um…good try Mike.  I guess you better try to get Tattoo Golf to review a hat and shirt for you!!

One reader will win the coolest golf stuff ever from Tattoo Golf.  The winner may choose a shirt ($54.99-59.99) and hat ($19.99-24.99) from the men’s, women’s or youth collection.

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