cool graphic tees for women

Cool graphic tees for women

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to review a t-shirt of my choice by the company Ohiya, which is the art of making friends.  I don’t have a wide array of t-shirts so I was very excited to be able to add one to my wardrobe.  I chose the Zoomipop Do You Ever Shut Up, and quite honestly there are days that I feel like what that shirt portrays!

I love the story behind the conception of Ohiya.   This company was created to be a conversation starter between people.  Feeling that people don’t say “hi” nearly enough, Ohiya represents a magical land where cute little loveable and friendly character’s reside and carry a message of friendship and fun.  These designs are meant to push our personal boundaries and initiate conversation.

There are several different characters to choose from in their line of tees – the Mythtaken (featuring mythical characters), Smooch (for the rocker in you), Zombuddiez (a collection of zombie characters), and Zoomipop (cute characters).  Each series of characters has its own personality.  Besides the tees, they also offer a variety of other products such as posters, plush toys & canvases.  The tees are reasonably priced at $24 00 for both men’s and women’s styles.

So now for the review, although I like the shirts, and think they are cute, they do seem to run a bit small – about a size smaller then you would normally get.  The length was perfect, I love that they are longer.  Some of the designs I felt were geared for someone younger, but they definitely have a wide enough variety that they do offer something for everyone.

I can honestly see these tee’s becoming a popular conversation piece among friends.  Need a Christmas present?  These are great, especially for that person that you’re stuck on what you should buy them for Christmas!
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