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Cool Jewelry Made From Recycled Materials

My daughter has begun to develop an slight obsession over all things recycled and upcycled. I must admit she gets it honest as she has gotten it from me. Over the past year or so I have been writing reviews about going green and taking the recycled route. Little did I know that included finding some of the coolest products I have ever seen. I have seen purses made from soda can tops and recycled knit caps and men’s belts made from fire hoses. Recently while I was browsing at one of my favorite online and eco-friendly shops, Hipcycle, I discovered their new jewelry line. They have got some of the most unusual and cool jewelry made from recycled materials around. It did not take long to see a lot of their offerings were exactly what Chelsea would appreciate.

Cool Jewelry Made From Recycled Materials

One of the reasons I appreciate the idea of buying products from recycled materials is it is an easy way to save our planet. If you can also find cool jewelry made from recycled materials; even better! Hipcycle is an online retailer specializing in upcycled goods made to last, are stylish and affordable. In addition, they partner with many unique and creative small businesses and sell their products in their our online store. You can find some very unique and modern pieces for your home as well as for your closet. You can find trash cans made from Mentos wrappers, puzzles made from vinyl records or drinking glasses made from recycled liquor bottles.

I was sent a selection of 4 pieces of jewelry from Hipcycle and I know Chelsea will freak when she sees them! I received the:

  1. Small Woven Tin Bracelet ($16.00): These bracelets are made from reclaimed tin which was rescued by people in India who get paid for this work. The inside of the cuff is smooth tin while the outside is an arrangement of woven strips of colored tin. Each bracelet is made individually and you will see some with a diagonal, straight or vertical pattern.
  2. Bike Chain Plate Bracelet ($18.99): I love the irony of this bracelet because it is made from recycled bicycle chain parts, and the bike is one of the top eco friendly modes of transportation. Each unisex bracelet is made from the deconstructed parts of the used bike chain, making it lighter and sleeker looking.  You can purchase the matching bike chain earrings and make it a set.

  3. Tire Tube Bracelet ($15.00): Each bracelet with made from recycled tire tube pieces. Colorful beads are interspersed to add a touch of femininity which goes great with jeans or your favorite little black dress.
  4. Tire Tube Drop Necklace ($14.00): This funky necklace has tear drop pieces of tire tube with silver tone beads in between.

I was initially struck at how incredibly chic these pieces of jewelry are. They are extremely well made, and I was surprised at how durable the materials were, especially the tire tubes. The tin bracelet is really colorful and the pictures do not do it justice. I think my favorite has got to be the tire tube bracelet because I like the juxtaposition of the rubber and the colored beads. If you are looking for unusually jewelry that is helping save the planet, the pieces from Hipcycle are just great. You can purchase home goods, clothing, jewelry, garden items, office supplies and more from the Hipcycle website.

One USA reader will win a $30 gift certificate from Hipcycle


  1. This is why I love blog giveaways. I find all kinds of sites with cool stuff that I would never have known about. Love this site and way to many things on it. Choosing one thing I like but being random because so much that I love. I’ll choose Mentos Wrapper Trash Can.

  2. The two seater skateboard bench. Each one is so unique and it looks quirky and funky from every angle. Too cool.

  3. WOW! There are so many great products! Thank you for introducing me to this site! One of my favorite items is the Nacho Cheese Messenger Bag!

  4. I’m in love with this website!!! So many awesome things!!! My favorite is Large Traffic Light Pendant

  5. I love the glass and paper bowl. It was a huge conversation starter in our house. And my son broke it. I’d love to buy another one.

  6. I love the woven tin bracelet. This site is amazing and I could spend so much money here. Love the concept! Keeping this in mind for unique Christmas gifts.

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