Cool Off With Ice Cream

Cool Off With Ice Cream

If you hate these high temperatures this summer, cool off with ice cream.  My family LOVES ice cream and we could eat it every day.  We are not bias to one ice cream treat or another as we are an equal opportunity ice cream eaters.  We will eat it in a bowl, on a stick on a push pop or in a sandwich.  When I found out that Blue Bunny ice cream had partnered with Cadbury chocolates, I was pretty excited to try this new product.  I cannot imagine anything being more delicious than rich creamy ice cream from Blue Bunny covered in our favorite Cadbury chocolate.  The Cadbury Ice Cream Bars from Blue Bunny come in 4 delicious combinations; chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate, vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate with almonds or chocolate on its own and vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl covered in chocolate.  I was invited to have a Cadbury Ice Cream Bars High Tea from MommyParties.

FoodThese folks know how to party and outline everything you need to know to host a successful party.  The High Tea party was to celebrate the partnership of Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Cadbury chocolate.  We received darling tea sets, awesome hats fit for a queen (or princess) and ideas for food and games to make the party complete.  My friend Carol brought her 3 kids and I had my 2 kids as well as our neighbors 2 kids.  I decided to make small tea sandwiches, quiche, mini brownie cupcakes and of course, tea.  We had a blast serving tea and drinking from our delicate tea cups and enjoyed all the food that was fit for a British high tea.  We also had a lot of fun playing the teacup race which involved racing to transfer sugar from the sugar bowl into the tea cup.  This has is laughing so hard that it was impossible to not to spill the sugar!!
Cadbury chocolate
I must tell you about the new ice cream bars we were given to sample.  I am sure many of you have had the delicious Cadbury chocolate at Easter and know how melt in your mouth creamy it is.  When you pair that with the creamy and smooth ice cream from Blue Bunny.  What I love is that you get a nice thick coating of this rich chocolate but not too much to be over powering.  The size is just right and it is really hard to eat only one!   The Cadbury Company was started in 1824 in England by John Cadbury.  What started as a tea and chocolate drink business became a chocolate business in 1873.  The Wells Company, started in 1913, was the largest family owned ice cream manufacturer in the USA.  In 1935 the Wells brothers held a “Name That Ice Cream” contest and the $25 cash prize went to a man who came up with Blue Bunny.  Today the Blue Bunny Company offers more than 500 ice cream flavors, frozen treats and delicious novelties.  When you put these two industry giants together, it is no surprise that the marriage would produce such an awesome product.

MommyPartiesThank you to the wonderful people at MommyParties for allowing us to have such a wonderful opportunity to share this great product with our loves ones.  To learn more about MommyParties, you can visit their website, on Facebook or on Twitter.


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