The new Blackberry Q10 is an amazing phone and a fantastic addition to the already impressive Blackberry line. There are so many cool phone features on your Blackberry Q10, it may take you a while to explore them all. If you  have a Q10, you have probably had the chance to play around and get familiar with the fun aspects of the phone. If you are thinking of getting a Q10 and have not taken the plunge, this post may push you into the water! If you are a big data user, the Hub is a feature you will absolutely love because it puts everything in one spot for you. Instead of jumping from one place to another in your apps or another area of the phone, you can access your email, messages, social media and more right in the Hub with a simple swipe of your finger!

Cool Phone Features On Your Blackberry Q10

Cool Phone Features On Your Blackberry Q10

On many phones you have an app for each of your social platforms, your email, messages, text messages and other pertinent areas. Once you have downloaded these apps, you then arrange them onto one page you can more easily access them. The problem with this is all the back and forth jumping around you do with this. If you post a Facebook status and then want to check your email, you have to back out of the Facebook app and go into your email app. What a huge waste of time and a pain in the neck! One of the cool phone features on your Blackberry Q10, is the Hub, which makes that stuff seem passe! Instead of going in and out of app after app after app, they are all in the Hub on your Q10. I am not surprised they named this place the Hub when I found what the definition of “hub” is:

noun: The center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate; A focus of activity…

Pretty spot on since all of your data are the spokes and the Hub is the center they revolve from. To get started using the Hub, first you need to add accounts in the settings menu. These would be your Facebook, Twitter, Messaging, Email and other accounts you access often. Next you will see them show up all in the same feed, making them easy to access and you can also access your calendar from here. The Hub will keep your emails organized and with the touch of a button, you can search for a particular email, contact or subject. If you want to read an attachment, that is easy to do, and to save it, with just a few swipes, it is done. Oh, and did I tell you accessing multiple screens is easy peasy? Again, this is all done with just a quick swipe of your finger to go from one task to another. If you want to post a status on your Facebook, you do not need to go to an entirely separate area like on other phones. You can do that right there in the Hub. There is so much more you can do with the Blackberry Hub and For a full demonstration, you can take a look at the helpful video on the Blackberry website. So, if you are a heavy data user and need everything at your fingertips, stay connected with the awesome Blackberry Hub.