Rainy weather is not a reason you should cry in despair all day, is it? We think that this weather is a time to wear something bright too as if it is a sunny day. It’s beautiful to see people in colorful clothes, not in gloomy one. Are you with us? Let’s change this world full of depressive people and turn it into total joy.


This article will give you the examples of stylish outfits for such days. But it’s you to decide the way you want to look exactly. All we can do is to help you to find YOUR trend which highlights your advantages the best.


Let’s go…

Today the trendiest colors are purple and maroon. You may include them into your clothes style or some elements of wardrobe to your outlook. It is recommended to have no more than 9 colors in one outfit. There should be 3 basic colors, 3 neutral colors, and 2 accents. Actually, you may use these (purple and maroon or burgundy colors) two as accentuated ones.

To sum up, use your imagination and stay creative with a help of the examples we will suggest you now. Here cold and rainy day outfits are for your inspiration: