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Cool Rugs For Kids Rooms From Safavieh Review

Cool Rugs For Kids Rooms

If you have kids, you may be considering cool rugs for kid’s rooms.  I have always loved the way a rug can change the look of a room.  I know you hear many of the DIY shows tell you to paint a room to give it a facelift, but who wants to do all that work?  Not I said the lazy girl!  For about the cost of paint these days, you can get a really neat rug to spruce up any room.  We recently added a rug to our family room and it made such a huge difference.  My friend was over recently and she could not believe how different the room looked with the new rug in it!  My carpet is tan and our furniture is a solid chocolate brown, so a patterned rug that picked up the colors from the sofa and drapes made a world of difference and I didn’t break a sweat!!

Safavieh Home is a family owned business that has been supplying some of the world’s finest oriental carpets to interior designers since 1914.  Safavieh has grown from a small showroom in New York to a half million sq.ft. Warehouse space and manufacturing plants on 3 continents.  These high quality rugs are made in the countries with the best rug weavers in the world.  From Persia to India to Nepal, Safavieh has artisans working hard to bring you the most luxurious carpets and rugs worldwide.  Safavieh spends an average of 2-3 years studying to find what the best fabric, color and market trends before introducing a new line to the consumer.  That means you are getting a well thought out product from a group of people who care about what you put in your home.  Please take a moment to like Safavieh on Facebook ,follow them on Twitter and on Pinterest.

Change The Look Of A Room

When I heard my friend’s reaction to the new carpet in the living room, I thought it would be great to add some color to Caitlin’s bedroom.  She has patterned drapes and a matching comforter, so I wanted to tie those colors together with her rug.  I was very happy to review another of the luxurious rugs from Safavieh.  Caitlin and I choose an awesome shag rug that came in a deep eggplant purple that was perfect.  In the past, the few area rugs I owned were not very high quality and after using them for a short time, they were so faded and dirty and picked that it was better to throw them out than to keep them.  The rugs from Safavieh are the kind of rugs you have always wanted!  This may sound weird but I always look at the underside of a rug to judge the quality of it.  My mom sold rugs for many years and she said if the underside of a rug was well made, it would have a nice and sturdy backing.  The rugs I had years ago didn’t even have a backing!  You know you are buying the wrong rugs when the underside of other rugs looks better than the topside of yours!!  This shag rug from Safavieh is the kind of thick shag you immediately take your shoes off to feel it!  When the rug came, that is exactly what Caitlin and I did after we rolled it out!  What is funny about the rug is the length is over 7’, so we call her it “purple carpet” and we walk on it like we are going to the Oscars or something!  So silly.  Needless to say, we love Safavieh and you will too!

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