Cool Skins For Electronic Devices

Cool Skins For Electronic Devices

Recently my daughter was telling me about cool skins for electronic devices that are popular right now. I vaguely knew about them but had never put much thought into them. She had gotten one as a gift for her iPhone and it is really cute and colorful. I have had a decorative case for my Blackberry but it broke and I never bothered to replace it. The cool thing about skins is they are like a decal that you peel and position and when you are tired of your pattern or color, you can just get another one! Well, how do you like that?!

GelaSkins is a fantastic company that makes skins and hard cases for phones, laptops, game systems, MP3 players and tablets. With a focus on creativity and individuality, GelaSkins has a gallery filled with pieces from award winning artists. Based in Toronto, GelaSkins was started in 2005 and has been building this awesome one of a kind company ever since. In order to support the talented people whose art graces pages and pages of colorful, fun and funky designs, GelaSkins gives back a portion of their profits to the artists directly. Think about that for a minute….it would be so easy for GelaSkins to use the art from these geniuses and give nothing back to them, but yet, here they are supporting and promoting them instead. I like a company with a heart that doesn’t take itself too seriously which can be confirmed by their weekly Donkey Kong matches!!

Dress Up Your Phone

What a better way to dress up your phone than to put a piece of art from a huge pool of wonderful artists on it. I was torn between reviewing a skin for my laptop or my phone and I finally decided on my phone. I am sure this will sound silly, but with my eyes going bad a little more each day, if my phone had a colorful skin on it, I thought it would be easier to find. I chose the “My Pop” design from Colin Johnson ($14.95) because it reminded me of the Atlanta artist Howard Finster (Google him…his art is fantastic and odd and fun). The skins are so easy to put on your device. Each piece is cut into sections so you aren’t trying to line up one whole sticky skin on  your phone! It only took a few second to get it on my phone and it looked so good! I am so happy with my GelaSkin and it makes me feel good that I am supporting the arts with my skin.

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