Cool Summer Dresses For Women

Cool Summer Dresses For Women

With the already hot temperatures outside, cool summer dresses for women is a must have!  I would much rather wear a cute dress than a pair of shorts and a tee shirt any day!  I am self -conscious about my legs, so I tend to cover them up instead of show them off.  It is my dad’s fault that I am embarrassed about my legs because he had thick tree trunk legs and he passed them on to me.  Darn him!  The thing I love about dresses in the summer is how easy they are.  You can just throw on a dress, put on some sandals and you are ready to go.  You can go to the park, the beach to lunch or out dancing.  Dresses are just versatile aren’t they?

Lolly Clothing is an edgy company that sells very cool and unusual clothes for women.  The Lolly line is made up of beautiful items that have beautiful organic prints and the coolest fabric washes.  The line is more like an updated gypsy look with some bohemian chic mixed in.  If you can imagine taking all the elements (earth, wind, fire, water) and putting them into fabric, you get the Lolly Clothing line!  To finish off your Boho look, Lolly also offers very hip and beautiful tribal inspired accessories.  From belts to jewelry to bags, Lolly has it all.

Fresh And Easy Clothing

To me, summer is all about being laid back and in that mind frame, you need fresh and easy clothing.  I was more than happy to review one of the gorgeous pieces of apparel from Lolly because their clothes are so amazing!  I finally settled on the Lucy dress ($142.00) because I loved the splash of color along the bottom.  I love that the dress has some spandex in it so I don’t need to worry about eating a big lunch and not feeling comfortable in your clothes!  The dress has a beautiful stone wash and it drapes just right.  You can easily make it funky by wearing some cute and chunky jewelry or you can wear a more subdued piece of jewelry; either way you can’t lose!  Another thing I love about the Lucy dress is how easy it is to take care of!  I washed it on gentle and then hung it to dry and it was ready to go.  Because it has the mix of rayon and spandex, you can easily roll it up and throw it in your beach bag and when you put it on, it definitely does not look like you just pulled it from you beach tote!!

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