When the fun gets going in the summer you want to make sure your kids are staying cool and getting plenty of hydration. I know we want to give them all the cold or frozen treats that we all grew up with that you know are just pure sugar. It’s not all bad to give these every once in a while but it shouldn’t be the norm. These days there are so many fast food and quick fix options, that it becomes difficult to maintain healthy diet for our kids. Getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables under the best of circumstances is often a challenge and as parents we must get creative in the ways we slip in those crucial  parts of a healthy growing kids diet.

Cold Deli

The numbers of kids who don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits is staggering. That number is at 93% for vegetables and 60% for fruits. That’s insane. PediaSure recognizes the challenge we all face with our kids nutrtion and has come to the table with a new angle for getting the nutrition our kids need in way that even the pickiest eaters will love. The PediaSure SideKicks Fruit & Veggie Smoothie Mix is the perfect way for parents to get their kids a quick delicious snack that’s packs the gives them the nutrients they need as well. Get your kids involved in making them and watch them come up with their own cool summer treats for kids by kids.

Ice Cream Recipe

The PediaSure SideKicks Fruit & Veggie Smoothie Mix is made with strawberries, bananas apples and sweet potatoes to help cover the top four nutritional gaps in kids, which are fiber, calcium vitamin D and potassium. They come with recipe cards to help you get started, but it won’t take you long to start coming up with your own ideas, or better yet, it won’t take long for your kids to start coming up with their own ideas. We got the kids involved in making their own popsicles and then they got to eat them. They thought it was so cool. The possibilities for healthy cool summer treats for kids are endless with a little help from PediaSure. It’s available at retailers nation wide. To find out more recipes created for kids go to the PediaSure website or check them on Facebook. PediaSure partnered with bloggers such as me for its PediaSure SideKicks Fruit & Veggie Smoothie Program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. PediaSure believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. PediaSure’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Do you have a go to healthy summer snack to cool your kids down?