It seems that nearly everyone is offering home internet service these days. It is hard to know which is the best company to go with and if you do, which offers the best quality. is an American owned and operated company that prides themselves in offering their services at an affordable rate. You can get signed up with them for just $9.95/month!

Their dial up service is a great buy at just $9.95/month. You receive 56K dial-up Internet service with nationwide access. It is V.90/V.92 compatible. You will also receive your own email address. They offer a service called Copper Call Alert as well to alert you when you have an incoming call while you are online.

They also carry HiSpeed dial up internet service for just $14.95/month. This is up to 19 times faster than their basic service! You also receive free CopperArchive and Call Alert. With this plan you can receive up to five email addresses.

My favorite plan is the Broadband internet service for just $19.95/month. This service is up to 125 times faster than the basic plan. You also do not have to worry about your phone line because it does not tie it up. You will receive up to five email addresses. If for some reason this service is ever out, you receive backup dial up service as well.

The Broadband service is perfect for your family. You can easily stream movies through your home network, play games, check in with your social media sites and do your online shopping. If you are looking for a a good, affordable internet service, is the first place to check out!