trumoo copycat frosty
when I was younger, we went went out to eat and it was my turn to pick the restaurant, I would always pick Wendy’s. I loved their Frosty’s and I was bale to get one with my kids meal for a small up charge. I would take my time and dip my french fries in the frosty, then eat it with a spoon. It was almost ritual-like. Now I am older, I care more about what goes in my body so I like to avoid fast-food restaurants. I know what is in TruMoo chocolate milk, so I figured it would be a good starting base for a pretty good copycat!


TruMoo Chocolate Milk was made with nutritional benefits just for you and your family without taking away from the yummy taste. TruMoo uses naturally occurring sugar like what is in milk (lactose), and doesn’t have any high fructose corn syrup. With 8 essential nutrients it is the perfect choice for chocolate milk. Wow! Was I right! If you are looking for a recipe that tastes just like Wendy’s Frosty, you have got to try this one! You can find other blogger recipes at the TruMoo website.

Copycat wendys frosty

Copycat Frosty Recipe
  • Can of sweetened condensed milk, 14 oz
  • Whipped topping, 8 oz
  • TruMoo Chocolate Milk, 8 oz
  • 1 cup of chocolate syrup (like Hershey's)
  1. Combine the sweetened condensed milk and whipped topping until blended. Mix in the chocolate milk and syrup and add to the tub of a full size ice cream maker, freezing according to manufacturer's directions. Serve immediately in glasses as a frosty style milk shake, or transfer to a freezer safe container and freeze for several hours, or overnight, until firm, to serve as ice cream. Let rest on the counter for a few minutes to soften for scooping, if desired.