Home Technology End Cord Chaos With The USB Charging Surge Protector From Jasco Products

End Cord Chaos With The USB Charging Surge Protector From Jasco Products

As technology grows and new devices hit the market, consumers are rushing to buy all the latest electronic products.  Research shows that the average household has between 5 and 15 separate devices in their home. Included in these numbers are smartphones, computers, MP3 players, televisions, lamps and many others. As we bring more and more devices into our homes, we tend to have an excessive number of cords to deal with. Because some use USB and some use standard plugs, we have cords in just about every room of the house. One company who is ahead of the curve when it comes to electronic products is Jasco Products. This reputable company, which has more than 35 years experience in the industry, has a wide variety of solutions for their customers electronic needs.

USB Charging Surge Protector

In an effort to help consumers streamline their bundles of cords from their many devices, Jasco Products has developed a solution. With the GE 2-outlet USB charging surge protector with shelf, You can plug both your traditional electronics like televisions or lamps and your USB products like Smartphones and MP3 players. The surge protector mounts easily into any standard wall outlet  and with the convenient removable shelf, you can keep your devices plugged in as well as safe. The charging surge protector can handle all of your needs in this one product as it offers 2 standard outlets and 2 USB charging ports. Jasco Products develops, markets and sells name brand products like GE, T-Tech, Nickelodeon and Disney. Jasco Products not only sells their high quality products in the USA, but they can be found worldwide as well. They not only sell their products to consumers but also to home improvement stores, food and drug retailers and even military installations. Jasco Products has one of the most comprehensive selections in the business and coupled with their impeccable standards and customer service, it is easy to see why they are a giant in the industry. You can buy the GE 2-outlet USA charging surge protector with shelf online at Jasco Products for $19.99 as well as their many other products.

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