Online shopping conceptSmart shoppers turn to the internet for many of their purchases, but it’s the truly savvy shoppers who utilize coupons and other promotions and money-saving opportunities while already saving money (and time and hassle) by shopping online. Coupons can be found just about anywhere, but you need to know where to look. Traditionally you would rely on your Sunday newspaper and store flyers to get coupons, but with the internet no scissors are required! So let’s get right down to where you can find coupons online:

Coupons Websites
Coupon websites and directories such as,, and are excellent starting points for your coupon quest, as these sites are managed by the same companies that provide the printable coupons in the Sunday newspapers. These websites are flooded with coupons, but they’re usually categorized, search options are almost always available, and you may even be able to search by your postal code to find coupons exclusive to your area.

Coupon Blogs
Coupon codes & deals are constantly added to and promoted on coupon blogs. Often run by avid couponers, you’ll be able to find excellent coupon codes, promotions and deals, as well as “how-tos” for getting the best possible price on products by using specific coupons and making your purchases at certain sites or stores. Many of these blogs offer email subscriptions and RSS feeds, so you can keep up with new content as it’s published.

Brand Websites
A brand’s own website may have coupons available, though sometimes they’re tucked away and thus not readily available or even noticeable from the homepage. For most brands who offer coupons and deals on their website, if you don’t see them noted specifically, search for links to offers, promotions, and deals. If there’s a coupon or sale to be had, you’ll most likely find it on one of these pages.

Social Media
Many brands are on social media, and they use these platforms to promote their products and entice followers to purchase by offering exclusive coupon codes and deals. Look up your brand on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, and chances are you’ll find some kind of deal there.

Email Newsletters
Companies don’t overlook the potential of email newsletter subscriptions, and you shouldn’t either. Sign up to receive notifications from the brands you buy, and chances are you’ll be sent coupon codes and exclusive deals.