Noah and I just got new Droid X phones so we would be able to communicate across the States.  We got the steal of the century from Best Buy.  Normally these phones retail for $650.00!! However, we were new customers so if we signed up for the two year contract we could get them for $199.  Great deal, but it gets better.  As we were signing out after being in the store for 3 hours with two toddlers (Fun stuff–but they did give us 20% off all our accessories for the wait), a very beautiful, sweet, lovely, skinny, confident, insert compliment here, woman came to the counter and said, “Do you price match?” My ears perked as I was swiping my card to pay, cringing inside, “Dang it! We could have got a better deal” Best Buy guy said,”If we can verify it with the store” Sweet lady gave Best Buy guy Costco’s phone number who had the Droid X on sale for $49.99!! My card was ran through backwards so I had to redo it. Hmmmm….I think I will wait for the answer from Costco do you mind?  He didn’t.  After numerous phone calls to managers of Costco and then Best Buy, the long and the short of it–They do match if it doesn’t cost them (in our case it would have), unless you have already been waiting an eternity! Woot!  We got our phones for $50.00!!!

Now, we needed to protect them.  Of course I came home immediately and contacted Skin It.  I got to upload my own pictures and design my own Skin.  Aren’t my kids cute….now everyone can see them, and my butterflies, and my name.  No one will ever, ever, ever mistake my phone for theirs.  It also is protected from scratches and bumps with a snazzy design I made myself.  You can purchase this Skin It (with your own kids on it) for $14.99.  They also sell skins for all models of phones, lap tops, and protective screen covers.  The installation is super easy and is removes without damaging your phone or leaving a sticky residue. You can Retweet using the  button. I received no monetary compensation for this review but was supplied this product free of charge; however, all opinions are my own.

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