Cowabunga, Books About Snoopy Are Fun

My family has always been huge fans of the Peanuts gang created by Charles Schulz. Each person in my family has a favorite character, as I am sure yours does as well. For me, I have always been akin to Lucy because our personalities are so similar while my husband is totally Charlie Brown! Caitlin loves Schroeder because she is such a music lover and Henry is all about Snoopy. Henry has quite a collection and is always looking for anything Snoopy to add to his growing pile. It is hard to believe that “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” will be turning 40 this year! In celebration of the life of her husband and his beloved Peanuts characters, Jeannie Schulz is working with the American Library Association to encourage kids to get a library card and do some reading!

Books About Snoopy

Kids have been learning to read from the Peanuts comics and books about Snoopy for decades, and I am one of them. First available in newspapers, the comics were then available in comic books and now in books, digital apps and more. We have learned such phrases like “Good grief” and “Happiness is a warm puppy” and Henry’s favorite, “Cowabunga”. Many of us are familiar with the cute beagle that penned the book that began with, “It was a dark and stormy night”. With Charles “Sparky” Schulz, encouraging and witty words and lessons learned, kids and adults alike have become big fans of the Peanuts series. There have actually been studies that show reading comic strips and books engage readers who may have otherwise been reluctant to read. Sparky Schulz was an avid reader, so for Jeannie to team with the American Library Association to get kids interested in getting their own library cards was a no brainer! And as Sally poetically put it in one of Sparky’s comics, “Happiness is having your own library card!”

Snoopy Twitter

We were sent the book Snoopy: Cowabunga!: A Peanuts Collection (which retails for $9.99 on Amazon), which is an amazing book for any fan of Peanuts. Charlie Brown may have been the original favorite character from Peanuts, but Snoopy soon captured the hearts of many. Whether he is the WWI Flying Ace, Joe Cool, is performing puppet-theater for the gang, receives countless rejection slips as a frustrated author, or is hanging out with his feathered friend Woodstock, we love him. Henry especially does love him to pieces and has read this book a hundred times so far. He also received the incredibly soft plush ($14.95) and the DVD, Go Snoopy Go ($10.00). I also wanted to point you to the Twitter e-vite in the second image which will be held on 10/25 at 7:00 pm and will be hosted by Snoopy and Co-hosted Debby Ryan from Disney’s Jessie. All the instructions are on the e-vite to RSVP so you can find out all about the latest news about the Peanuts Gang and about Debby’s new album and her show. Keep up with Snoopy on Facebook and Twitter as well as the entire Peanuts gang on Facebook.

Three USA readers will win a Snoopy Book/DVD/Plush combo (ARV $34.94)


  1. I love that he encompasses everything about childhood…you never hear adults speak and the music and woodstock…oh and the nostalgia of course!

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