Crank Power For Electricity

Crank Power For Electricity

Were you aware of crank power for electricity?  How about solar power for energy?  I think most people have heard of the later but not the former.  I was unaware that crank power was not only a green alternative for electrical power and the use of batteries, but for aid where these two items are scarce.  I am ashamed to admit I have never given much thought to who may or may not have electricity.  I take so much in my life for granted that many people in the world may never be privy to.  Interestingly, the journey that took me to this realization came from an out of the box research for my son!  With Henry’s autism, loud noises, the dark and fire can jolt him into a panic attack.  We have had a string of really bad thunderstorms that were accompanied by several hours of being without power.  I was desperate to find something we could use that would keep Henry calm.  I can’t use candles as he is afraid of fire and I can’t use standard flashlights as they are only good for finding things outdoors (Henry’s logic, not mine).  So I was running out of viable options!

After much searching, I finally came to know about Freeplay Energy!  Freeplay Energy is the leading manufacturer of wind up and solar powered items for personal use, for emergency preparedness and aid and development in impoverished countries.  Since 1994, Freeplay Energy has been brining you quality products that are an alternative to standard lighting.  In many underdeveloped countries there are no power sources nor are there financial means to continue to buy batteries that are very toxic to our planet and expensive.  Freeplay Energy developed a genius concept of crank power to light their lanterns and other handheld light sources.  Not only does Freeplay Energy provide a workable alternative to these poor people, but they also are helping in emergency preparedness and aid.  What is the best way to avoid a disaster?  Be as prepared as you can for it, which means supplies that will get you through until you are able to begin rebuilding your life.  For those who had no means and were devastated by a disaster, even something as simple as a flashlight can mean the world to so many.  I could go on and on about the wonderful work Freeplay has done, but I can’t.  Please take a moment to like Freeplay Energy on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.  You never know when you may need one of these products and you don’t want to find out how much you needed them after the fact!
LED Lantern Lights

LED Lantern Lights

I have heard about LED lantern lights from camping experiences, but I didn’t know about alternatives for them.  We have a camping lantern that takes 2 “C” batteries or there is a plug as well.  With my poor organizational skills, I am lucky to have any extra batteries, but “C” batteries?  Um..not so much.  I was so excited to try the LED Indigo Lantern ($49.99) from Freeplay.  This lantern has everything you need for any situation.  You use the crank to power the light, which can last for 70 hours on a constant low setting.  You can also adjust the brightness and there is also separate light for beam or flashlight use.  This lantern is so easy to use as all you do is grab an energetic kid and let them crank it up!!  Henry had a blast winding up HIS lantern.  Believe it or not, two days after we received our Indigo LED Lantern, we had a 2 hour power outage.  Henry calmly went into his room (while holding my hand) and he grabbed his lantern.  He has it on his bookcase so it is always in reach.  This lantern is the coolest thing ever!!  It is bright enough to light up the room as if it were a lamp, so you never think of it as the power being out!!  It was kind of weird and kind of cool all at the same time.  I cannot thank Freeplay Energy enough for offering this frazzled mom a solution to her sweet boy’s terror.

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  2. My brother is a physics major. Several years ago he gave me a crank radio for use in emergencies. It has AM, FM and a weather station. The Companion radio doesn’t have a weather station but it has a light!

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