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Reading has always been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. It has been a pathway to other worlds where I can learn, escape to or visit for just a few precious hours. When life gets the better of me, I can always count on a good book, a cup a tea and my favorite soft blanket to bring me some sanity. Reading a book is almost as comforting as curling up in my mother’s lap when I was little and feeling the safeness and security there. I have passed this informative and enjoyable pastime down to my kids and they seem to enjoy it as much as I do. Caitlin has been the one who wholeheartedly embraced this world of words more so than Henry did. We are redecorating Caitlin’s room for her 16th birthday and I wanted to do something special. I decided to create a reading nook and followed these steps:

5 Tips To Create A Reading Nook

5 Tips To Create A Reading Nook

  1. Find A Space: The first step to create a reading nook is to find the perfect space. We had an empty corner in Caitlin’s room, next to a window. If you are limited on space, all you need is just a few square feet where you can put a cushion or a few pillows.
  2. Find A Seat: The next step is to find a seat so you are nice and comfortable in your nook. We had just the right amount of space for the Saucer Chair from LumiSource. The Saucer Chair is perfect for this area of Caitlin’s room. It is a colorful pink and black plush chair with comfortable padding and upholstery over a sturdy wood frame. You can purchase the Saucer Chair for just $164 from Amazon.
  3. Find A Light: A reading nook is not possible without the perfect amount of lighting. You do not want too much so it is too bright and therefore, not very relaxing. You want a light which will give off a subtle amount of light which will be soothing but bright enough to read by. We chose the Audubon Floor Lamp from LumiSource and it is just perfect for my sweet girls nook. We love the eco-friendly fluffy artificial yet realistic white feathers. The lighting is soft and inviting, making this lamp perfect for Caitlin to curl up under and read her favorite book. With its pedal on/off switch, you can save your back and just step on it to power the light on or off. You can purchase the Audubon Floor Lamp from Amazon for $178, and the table version for $77.
  4. Find A Softie: If you do not have something soft to snuggle up with in your reading nook, it is not complete! We have one of the softest blankets available and Caitlin wraps herself in it when she sits in her chair.
  5. Find A Book: Last but not least, you must have a riveting book you cannot put down to read in your nook. If you do not have a book that calls to you, you will not want to sit in your nook and read it.

lace tower lamp

Because Caitlin is in high school, I know how stressful her life is right now. I wanted to create a reading nook to give her a comfortable, quiet place to retreat turn off the stress and chaos of the day. Her way to unwind is to curl up with a good book and lose herself. The nook has also become a place she can talk on the phone, draw, and listen to music. With all of the fantastic items we received from LumiSource, we were able to create a reading nook which is absolutely perfect for Caitlin. In addition to the chair and lamp we received, we also received the luscious Lace Tower Floor Lamp for the living room. We have very little lighting in the living room and we had a space in the corner of the room which was perfect for this amazing lamp. I love it because it is soft, beautiful, the lighting is perfect and it adds some pizzazz to the room. It also has the pedal light switch, which is perfect for me with my back pain. I just step on the pedal to turn the light on or off without bending over. Yay! You can purchase this light from Amazon for $100.

Lumisource also has lounge chairs, ottomans, princess chairs and butterfly chairs for both boys and girls. For adults, you can find a huge array of wonderfully modern designed furniture including bar stools, TV stands, office furniture, clocks, coat racks, mirrors and more. LumiSource started out with their lighting, and has taken their creative and contemporary approach to the realm of occasional furniture. Their designs are decoratively contemporary with a modern flair. Their items add a sense of style to any room unlike anything you have ever seen. They are always open to finding innovative artists and designers with a product that would be a good fit for their line. Be sure to keep current with LumiSource by following them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. One USA reader will win the Lace Tower Floor Lamp ARV $100.

Where is your favorite place to read?


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