Henry Playing Hazard Mountain

My kids all love to read and they get that from me. I have loved reading since I was a little kid and have passed that love on to my kids. As busy as I am, I do not have as much time to read as I used to, but when I can, I try to squeeze a little in. I love that my kids love to read so much that they ask to go to the library during the summer. I am not sure if you have this in your area, but our libraries have a summer reading program to encourage kids to read. With my home schooling Henry, I do not stop doing lessons in the summer. I do pull back a lot, but I have found if I do not have some structure in place all year round, it is hard to get back on track in the fall. The best way I have found to keep him interested in learning is by using the computer as much as I can. One of my favorite companies for fun and educational products that I love as much as the kids is Lakeshore Learning. I found out about Lakeshore Learning when Henry was in Occupational Therapy for his autism. His therapist bought many of her tools from Lakeshore Learning and she gave me a catalog and I fell in love.
Create A Summer Learning Program For Kids

Create A Summer Learning Program For Kids

When I was looking through the most current catalog from Lakeshore Learning I swear I wanted one of everything! They really do have something for everyone. You can find games, educational tools, products for special needs and so much more. Lakeshore Learning began with the dream of one woman, Ethelyn Kaplan who moved her family to Califonoria in order to open a toy store. When her boys were grown, they stepped into the family business and made it into the multi million dollar company it is today. When Ethelyn retired in 1971, she knew she was leaving the company in very capable hands.

I was offered the Reading Comprehension Interactive Games Library – Gr. 4-6 which comes with 6 CD’s that you can play on the computer. Some of the areas the package covers include drawing conclusioons, inference, critical thinking, developing vocabulary, and understanding and analyzing text. Henry jumped right in as soon as we received the package and he put in the Hazard Mountain which helps teach inference. He was so excited that he got a 100 on his first round and he wanted to keep on going. There is plenty of action, it is colorful, fun to play and really does hold his attention. He cannot wait to get up each morning and try out a new game. We are just so pleased with our new library and I know it will be used quite a bit over the next several months!

One USA only reader will win Reading Comprehension Interactive Games Library – Gr. 4-6 ($79.99)


  1. I love the Classic Birch Tabletop Writing Center my daughter and both my sons would like this!!

  2. I love the Classic Birch Help-Yourself Bookstand! This would really help to organize our books 🙂

  3. I like the “Continents of the World Activity Chest”! It would be awesome to have with our History of the World homeschool curriculum in the fall 🙂

  4. I am also really interested in the Interactive Math Activities CD-ROM Library – Complete Set as well to help my kids with their math skills.

  5. I love the FILE HOLDER TEACHER’S TOTE. That would be an excellent teacher’s gift!

  6. My favorite product is the white butcher paper roll. My grandchildren spend much of the summer at my house, at least 2 days a week and love to make banners and everything imaginable out of this. They had this last year but it is gone and it was a great investment!

  7. I love the resuable write and wipe pockets, Lakeshore no-spill paint cups, and the Read and Relax book station. This is really a great company, I need to get my 4 year old some of this stuff to help prep her for kindergarten.

  8. marble run for the win! seriously, my daughter likes the marble run alot. I had one as a kid, and I would love to play with her.

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