reating A Relaxing Backyard

My kids are so excited to have school almost over and summer vacation officially beginning. We have just 3 days of school left and then the kids can sleep in, swim, play ball , ride bikes and hang out with their friends. This also means my husband and I can get the yard set up for BBQ dinners with friends and lazy afternoons watching the kids play outside. I am working on creating a relaxing backyard for us to enjoy and am making a few changes.

4 Ways To Create A Relaxing Backyard

4 Ways To Create A Relaxing Backyard

  1. Privacy: We live on a dead end street, but still get a good bit of traffic past the house. This year we are thinking of creating a natural barrier by planting additional bushes, trees and tall flowers for more privacy. A wooden fence adds charm and is on the list when we have a little extra money for it.
  2. Lighting: We love the smaller solar lights along the path of the driveway, but wanted a little extra mood lighting. I saw a super cute DIY using mason jars hanging from the trees with flameless electric candles in them. This would not only add character, but a subtle and romantic lighting to the space.
  3. Music: We love music and with Bluetooth technology, we can easily play music while we are outside. Caitlin and I have a playlist of summer songs we play while we are playing outside and my husband and I have a playlist for the evening which is a bit more laid back.
  4. Seating: After running around with the kids or working in the yard, I want a relaxing place to sit or lay. We have chairs on the deck with nice comfortable cushions, but we wanted something for the yard as well. Large waterproof cushions for the kids are great to lay or sit on. One of our favorite editions to our relaxing backyard, is our DoubleNest hammock from Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO).


One of the things I love about my daughter Caitlin is her passion for life. She is in love with nature, music, books, her family and so much more. One of her favorite things to do is hang out with us in the late afternoon and read a book and listen to music. She is also learning to play the guitar, so she has been playing for us in the evenings after dinner. One of her favorite places to mediate, create and just chill is “her” DoubleNest hammock from ENO. Because the DoubleNest is a larger hammock than the traditional SingleNest hammock for one, she and her brother can hang in it together. This is one of my favorite things in the whole world to see!

One of the big reasons appreciate the products from ENO is they are so incredibly well made. You know when you purchase a hammock, tarp or fly from ENO, they are going to last you a long time. The DoubleNest, which sells for $70 from the ENO website, has Heavy Duty triple stitched seams and is made of breathable and super quick drying nylon. This is really great for when we go camping! The DoubleNest also comes with a strap system for easy hanging. Caitlin was able to open the box and have the hammock up and ready to go in less than 5 minutes!


The straps are made to hold up to 400 pounds and has super safe and strong aluminum wiregate carabiners. You can choose from a wide variety of color combinations and it even comes with it’s own convenient carrying case! ENO also sells lounge chairs, hammock repair kits, insect shields, guitar cases and so much more. For your outdoor needs and more, ENO is THE place to go! Be sure to stay current with the latest from ENO by following them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

How do you create a relaxing backyard for you and your family?