Creating A Study Space

I was sent a free sample of this Sauder product to review but all opinions are my own. When I was in high school, I could study just about anywhere. As long as I had my books, index cards, highlighters and a pencil, I was good to go. When I was in nursing school, we would study in the cafeteria, the hallway, the library, and the local bagel shop. My daughter is a sophomore in high school and her study habits are completely different from mine. She needs to be in a specified area with all of her stuff spread out all around her. Once she gets in the zone, you could not break her concentration with a live concert from R5 in the room! We had some bumps in the road last year when she first began her high school path. She did not study much when she was in middle school, but in high school, she found that did not work. When we redecorated her room, we decided to create a nice study area for her. This is how we did it:

5 Ways To Make The Perfect Study Space Pin

5 Ways To Make The Perfect Study Space

  1. Designate A Space: Where do you study best? For my daughter it is her bedroom, so this was the logical place to set up her study area.
  2. Choosing Furniture: Now that you have decided where to create the space, you need the right furniture for it. Do you study better in a bean bag chair or sitting at a desk? Caitlin needs a desk, so we chose the beautiful computer desk from Sauder’s Shoal Creek Collection.
  3. Get The Right Tools: The next step in creating a study space is to have all the tools you need when you study. For Caitlin, her textbooks are on her iPad, so this is priority numero uno. Next she has to have her notebooks, pencils, highlighters, pencil sharpener and a bottle of water.
  4. Chose The Right Lighting: I prefer to have my overhead light on, but Caitlin would rather have a small lamp on her desk. I found one that was small and pretty and it looks so great on her desk from Sauder.
  5. Get Rid Of Distractions: I cannot study with the TV on, but Caitlin insists she can. The jury is still out on that one. In order to block out the noise of the rest of the family, Caitlin wears her headphones and listens to music when she studies. I am exactly the same way, so I am OK with her doing so.

Sauder Desk

Caitlin and I absolutely love her computer desk from Sauder. The size is just perfect for a student, with plenty of underneath storage and two drawers. Instead of a desk chair, we have a wooden stool she sits on and it slides right under the desk when she is not using it. Because she has black furniture, the white is a perfect compliment to her decor. Caitlin wanted to put the desk together herself, and within 30 minutes, she had it all done. I love the computer drawer where she can keep her laptop when it is not in use. With the shelves underneath, she can keep her notebooks and reference materials.


The additional side drawer is perfect to hold her calculator, tissues, pens and pencils and stapler. The metal drawer runners make opening and closing the drawers nice and smooth. The drawer pulls have a nice nickle finish, giving it a modern look. The desk stands 30″ high and 47″ wide with a generous depth of 19″. It is just perfect for our needs and at just $130, it is very affordable. You can purchase the Sauder products online as well as from your local Walmart. Be sure to follow Sauder on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Where do your kids study best?