Trying to figure out what to buy for a man can be a bit challenging.  It seems there are always the same old standbys, such as After Shave, Home Depot gift cards, neckties, etc.  However, it can be a laborious task when trying think of creative gift ideas for men.  Although the man in your life may need new socks and underwear, it is not a whole lot of fun to open a box filled with both as a gift!  ManCrates is just what you need to get great usable and fun gifts for men. They include super-fun items like a brass knuckle meat tenderizer! what man doesn’t want one of these?

unique gift idea for the grilling man

When shopping on ManCrates, there are many options to ensure you get the crate that best fits the personality of the receiver of the gift.  You can choose by personality, such as: carnivore, survivalist, beer lover, snack enthusiast, and more.  For instance, in the survivalist category there is a Gone Fishin’ Crate.  That crate includes, 4 packs of quality lures, a 10-pack of wigglers, and Panfish bait.  The crate also includes the accessories for outside of the water, such as: an adjustable camouflage hat, a 5 LED array head lamp (with batteries), Gatorade, Trail mix, chips, and seeds.  This particular crate sells for only $49.99. Below shows some of the items in the Grill Master Crate like four steak thermometers.

You may say, “hey, Team Man Crates, isn’t that cheating?” And we say, “nay.” There’s no dishonor in knowing how done your steak is. And when you cut into a perfectly-cooked slab of beef, you too shall understand that G.I. Joe wasn’t kidding when he said that Knowing Is Half the Battle.

Grilling ManCrate Review

Another way you can shop at ManCrates is by keyword, such as: weekend warrior, football, high roller, and more.  In the keyword shopping option there is also an option called personalized.  In this option there are items within the crates you can have personalized.  For example, there is crate called Personalized Barware.  In this crate there are 4 laser etched pint glasses and 4 Laser Etched Bamboo Beer Coasters, all of which are available for free personalization.  There are many more items in this crate as well. Each one is special and contains extremely creative gift ideas for men that will perfect for this Holiday season like the cast-iron smoker and hickory wood chips to get him started.

Great Christmas gift for husband

ManCrates only offers gifts men will love, without any ribbons, fluff, or wrapping paper.  Also, each crate is shipped with a laser etched crow bar.  They say the crow bar can by used to lift the toilet seat or open a bottle, but not both.  They have a keen sense of humor too! However, you might wonder, “Will these truly be a gift my man will love?” Let me tell you, the last crate my husband received, he opened before I got home, so the folks over at ManCrates added a little love note for him inside the box to help squelch his excitement.

Do not open

Once the crate came, he SWORE that they sealed it extra tight this time because it took an extra long time to open the box. Since he chews his fingernails to the bone, he was wishing he had the crowbar from the last crate.

gift ideas for boyfriend

After he finally got the outer box open, he had to struggle with the inner box! Crowbar to the rescue! He banged, and pried…

opening the man crate

Finally! He was able to open the box. As much fun as it was to open the box, what is inside is even better!

chirstmas gift for daddy

Man Crates has two new crates to help celebrate the half-way point of football season!

  • New Crate #1 – The Tailgate Supply Drop Crate.  Basically everything you need (including a disposable grill) for a great tailgate party, except steaks.  This crate is also really good for guys who like going to away games and like to celebrate with grilled meats even in enemy territory.
  • New Crate #2 – The Flag Football Crate.  Also known as the Backyard Quarterback crate or the Weekend Warrior crate – this has everything you need for a pickup game of flag football.

You can win a Tailgate crate for the man in your life by filling out the GT form below.


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  1. There are a few my son would love, but I am sure this would be his favourite : ZOMBIE ANNIHILATION CRATE

  2. the outdoor survival or whiskey lover just SCREAM my Tony… but the personalized flask from the “high roller” says “tennessee whiskey” on it… and the whiskey lover flask says “distilled spirits” … and I know my boy when I say that he loves his tennessee honey

  3. I am pretty sure he would like the MAN CRATE SNACK PACK the best, although they do have several other great choices. 😉

  4. I’m thinking he would like all of them (these are pretty cool!! I would like them!!) I think he would like the ZOMBIE ANNIHILATION CRATE the most though! Those tools would get a lot of use here on the farm!!

  5. I love the Retro Gamer Crate, the Grill Master Crate, the Premium Jerky Ammo Case, the Outdoor Survival Crate, let’s just make it easier and say that I love almost all of them, (if I kept listing the ones that I like, it would be almost all of them. 😛 )

  6. I would choose the GRILL MASTER CRATE or PERSONALIZED BARWARE, Retro Gamer Crate, or GONE FISHIN’ CRATE

    HOW WILL I CHOOSE! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to WIN

    **Im sorry if this double posts, it didnt seem to submit correctly on my end**

  7. I don’t even know how to pick a fave!! The retro gaming is awesome – and so is the high roller. The zombie ones crack me up 🙂

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