Creative Lessons For Home School

Creative Lessons For Home School

If you have decided to teach at home, you may want to find creative lessons for home school.  I am sure there are plenty of families who were very prepared to home school, but we were not.  We hadn’t even thought of homeschooling as an alternative.  We had such a terrible experience with public school when it came to Henry, we didn’t know what to do.  Henry has autism and if you have a child in your life with autism, you know how complex it is.  If you were to compare one child with autism to another child with autism, just like snowflakes, there are no two exactly alike.  Many of Henry’s issues were his OCD and behavioral issues.  Henry had a knack for combining the two!  If he saw someone out of line, he felt compelled to get them back in line.  Almost every time something like that happened, the teacher would turn around just as Henry was speaking and the other kid had snuck back into line!  We were told in a meeting that Henry wasn’t “disabled” enough to warrant any exceptions in his routine.  So, every day we got a note from his teacher that Henry had mis-behaved and had been punished by losing a recess or having a silent lunch.  We were through when a kid who had been bullying him had his older sister punch Henry in the face!  Zero tolerance my foot!  That is the day we pulled Henry out of public school and dove into homeschooling.  Boy, did we have a lot to learn!!

As parents, we have the privilege to be an active advocate for our children.  With that gift comes much responsibility and we should make every effort to give our children the tools they need to become adults who are successful in every area of their life.  It is with great respect and honor I am able to introduce to you a company that is passionate about our children’s education.  Learning Resources is one of the leaders in providing innovative, creative, high quality and fun tools to facilitate a fertile ground for learning.  Learning Resources has a huge inventory of products that helps parents and teachers be better equipped to teach our children.  For more than 27 years, Learning Resources has tapped into the creativity and experience of some of the top educators in the country.  You can find toys for puzzles, games, imaginative play, manipulative toys, and they have a section for special needs!!  I challenge you to find a company who distributes a better product who cares about your child as much as you do.

Make Home Schooling Fun

I have tried to find things to incorporate into our lesson plans the will make home schooling fun.  One of the areas we have had a bit of a problem with was in Math.  When Jenny Choi from Learning Resources recommended the game Math Diction (ARV $24.99), I knew that would be perfect for us.  The game is a bit like Pictionary mixed with charades mixed with trivial pursuit, the math edition.  The game is played for 4 or more players, so it was perfect for my family.  No one is perfect and there is nothing more wasteful than to use pieces of paper that get crumpled up when a mistake is made.  The game is fast paced and whether your child is an auditory or hands on learner, Match Diction has you covered.  With the variety of actions you can answer with, no one gets bored!  The kids were way better than my husband and I, but math was never my strong suit!  Thank goodness we weren’t playing for chores like we sometimes do or I would be cleaning toilets for weeks!!  Seriously, Learning Resources has virtually everything you could want for your classroom in a public school setting or at your kitchen table.  If you aren’t sure what you need, just ask the customer service department.  They can guide you with your decisions so your child has the best experience possible with your Learning Resources product.

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