Creative Ways To Embellish Women’s Clothing

Creative Ways To Embellish Women’s Clothing

Creative Ways To Embellish Women’s Clothing

I have recently been researching creative ways to embellish women’s clothing.  When I was teaching classes at a local craft store chain we regularly held demonstrations on various decorating techniques.  The most fun we had was a birthday party that fell on Halloween week.  We took plain canvas bags and the kids decorated them and used them as trick or treat bags.  When done correctly, you can change the look of a piece of clothing or an accessory with a few items from your local craft store.  Here are some fun ideas for embellishing clothing and accessories for you:

  • Potato Printing: This technique has been a mainstay in crafting for years, but it is making a comeback lately.  You can find millions of stencils on the web that you can trace and then transfer to a potato that has been cut in half.  Cut out the stencil and dip it in your favorite color paint and decorate away!
  • Bedazzle it: I know there is a joke running through the whole Bedazzle idea, but when done tastefully, you can dress up a tired accessory or piece of clothing.  I took a black t-shirt and traced a peace sign onto it and then applied silver and pink rhinestones and it turned out really cute.
  • Crochet: If you or someone you know can crochet, making and adding a pretty flower is easy as pie.  The best suggestion is the take the item you crocheted and hot glue gun it to a safety pin.  This way you can switch it out or move it around easily.
  • Paint: There are so many options when using paint to embellish your clothing.  You can use puff paint, fabric paint, stencils, stamps or free-hand.  No matter what you use, when done in moderation, you can make a one of a kind item that your friends will envy.  I do not have a steady hand when it comes to embellishing something that is going to be the “wow” factor.  When I want to have something that is a stand out piece, I go to Lisa from Ellembee Designs.  Lisa makes the most gorgeous pieces and sells them from her wildly popular Etsy shop.

Hand Painted Clothing For Women

Hand Painted Clothing For Women

If you are looking for exquisite hand painted clothing for women, you can trust the artistic direction of Ellembee Designs.  When Lisa was laid off from her position as a bedding designer, she decided to start her own business.  With Lisa’s creative background and incredible artistic talent, you can be sure each item she designs is going to be absolutely phenomenal.  If you are looking for something for yourself or a large order for your group, work place or other organization, Lisa can do that as well.  How cool would it be to have your team show up for an event in hand painted clothing by Ellembee Designs!?!?  I was given the softest and most flattering chocolate zipper hoodie ($48.00) with a beautifully screen printed Fleur de Lis in aqua.  One of my favorite color combinations is brown and aqua, so this was perfect for me.  With a stunning Fleur de Lis that covers most of the back and a dainty one on the front, I could not have asked for a better piece of clothing. If you are looking for a unique item for yourself or someone else, be sure to stop by Lisa’s Etsy shop and see what she can create for you!

One reader will win an item of their choice from Ellembee Designs up to $50 retail.


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  1. I like the Lovalyptus tee in gray

  2. margaret walker says:

    Flutterby dolman sleeve tee

  3. Meredith B says:

    I like the Falling Ginkgos in Mocha!

  4. Violet Lyford says:

    I love the flirty flowers on the gray tee.

  5. Violet Lyford says:

    I love the flirty flowers on the gray tee.

  6. Violet Lyford says:

    I love the flirty flowers on the gray tee.

  7. Emily Wells says:

    I like the oui Paris long sleeved tshirt.

  8. Jessi Connell says:

    Lovalyptus tee in grey or blue!

  9. Elliott the giraffe onesie in lemon yellow

  10. Shannon Barnes says:

    Pocket Watch Long Sleeved Tee

  11. Vikki Billings says:

    I like the Beautiful Branches Dress in Moss Green

  12. I like the Mens Skyline Track Jacket in Charcoal.

  13. Buddy Garrett says:

    The Compass Rose Scarf in Navy is my favorite product.

  14. the Beautiful Branches Dress in Moss Green

  15. I like delicate flora in black

  16. Steven McCuan says:

    I like the black pull over

  17. Alexandra Roach says:

    The delicate flora in black is cute!

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