macy collarCreature Collars sent me the Gigi dog collar to review for my dog Macy. Macy is our family maltese that we also refer to as our “first born”. She is not just a pet in our house but a family member. Getting some special for my Macy girl (what I normally call her) was not only appreciated by me but also Macy. Creature Collars offers a variety of fashionable dog and cat collars as well as stylish leashes.

My Macy girl loves to get presents! She gets so excited, tail wagging and all, when I bring her home a new toy, bow, or bone but today was extra special. It has been a few years since Macy got a new collar. As I pulled out the new collar out of the nicely packaged pink paper, I admittedly was impressed, not only with the way it was packaged but the pattern was adorable! Perfect for my little diva dog. I examined the collar checking the stitching and construction. It was in mint condition. The owner and creator of Creature Collars did an amazing job! I am quite particular when it comes to dog collars and this exceeded my expectations! I showed Macy the collar and she was very excited. She was wagging her tail leaning her hand toward me to put it on. I first took a couple of pictures, changed her tags, then wrapped it around her very fluffy neck.  Macy was very proud of her new collar.

Creature Collars creates all of their items using safe and comfortable hardware as well as only using top quality fabrics. One of the great features of this collar is it can be washed. Like humans, dogs need their “clothing” washed too. Creature Collars also offers cute collar couture flower accessories. Want to buy a Gigi dog collar like my Macy girl, this color is very well priced at $16.

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