Crochet Headbands For Girls

Crochet Headbands For Girls

In my opinion people who work with yarn and make custom crochet creations like Crochet Headbands For Girls are true artists. I have always loved crochet blankets, scarves, hats and all the other possibilities that can be made from yarn!  You can see where a painter is going with all their paints and palettes or the sculptor who brings clay to life…but yarn? I am amazed at what can be done with something as simple and understated as yarn.  The only time I attempted to crochet was when my ChooChoo was born.  My mother-in-law tried so hard to help me, but the best I could do was a crooked and weird scarf looking thing.  It was awful!!

I know you can buy lots of crochet hats and scarves from a department store but there is something to be said about a custom made hat or headband from a yarn artist.  For Christmas,  I bought ChooChoo a fun crochet hat that looked like a black bear was eating her head.  It cost close to $30 and you could just tell it was mass produced.  I wish I had met Isabel Nunes a few months ago because ChooChoo would have gotten an adorable, hand crafted hat that she would treasure.  Isabel has been crocheting for over 25 years and giving her creations as gifts.  With such a huge volume of positive feedback about her designs, she decided (thank you!!) to sell her items.

Handcrafted Crochet Items

I knew the moment I found Isabel that I had to have one of her handcrafted crochet items.  Although we were moving from winter into spring, I wanted something funky for the kids.  I had the opportunity to review Isabel’s work and I couldn’t wait to see what she made.  I had asked for the Sock Monkey Hat (valued at $33.00) for TheHenMan and Isabel also included a headband for KittyKat.  You can see from the high quality of her work that Isabel puts love into everything she makes.  Each piece from Isabel is meticulously handmade including hats, scarfs, table linens, toys, clothes and blankets.  Isabel also gives back to her community by donating her work to people in need. The yarn is high quality and the resulting hats, scarves, etc. show it.  Here is the bottom line in my humble opinion.  There is absolutely no comparison between the hat ChooChoo got for Christmas and the hat THeHenMan got a few weeks ago.  It is like night and day with all aspects of the two.  I am certainly “hooked” (HaHa…get it!!) on creations from Isabel Nunes of 2badmonkies.

Thank you to Isabel for generously offering a hat of the winners choice valued up to $33.00

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