Using Portion Packs Means Fresh Coffee

I am a self confessed coffee addict and drink it several times every day. I am on the go from the time my feet hit the floor until it is time for bed. If I don’t have my coffee, I feel as if I am dragging through the day. Needless to say, my coffee machine is a much used small appliance in my kitchen! One of the reasons I love my single serve coffee machine is because I get fresh coffee with each and every cup I brew. That is really important to me because if my coffee is not fresh and hot, I am not drinking it! By using the convenient portion packs, I am in control of my coffee, which I really like. What is as important to me as drinking hot and fresh coffee is saving money on my portion packs. The prices at Cross Country Cafe are very fair and competitive. This family owned business prides themselves on their impeccable reputation as well as their personable customer service. They offer all of my favorite flavors and this time my order contained a few I had not tried. I love how easy it is to sort through to find the newest and seasonal flavors. I am enjoying a cup of French Toast as I write (and probably as you read).

Using Portion Packs Means Fresh Coffee

One thing that is synonymous with Cross Country Cafe is quality, and they stand behind that. For the folks at Cross Country Cafe, the customer comes first, which shows in their prices, the quality of their products and their service. By making themselves available 24/7/365 days a year, Cross Country Cafe is able to deliver their gourmet single serve coffee packs anytime to anywhere. Customers are encouraged to visit often to take advantage of special offers and discounts on their products. You can order such name brands from Cross Country Cafe like Caribou, Emeril and Starbucks in several strengths and flavors. I was sent the 24 count of the K-cups pack and each cup of coffee I made was fresh, hot and delicious. I am impressed because I was able to say get a cup of coffee that was as fresh with the last pack I used as it was with the first. For great prices, customer service and selection, Cross Country Cafe is spot on.


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