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Custom Designed Throw Pillows From Deny Designs Sweepstakes

Custom Designed Throw Pillows

I am a pillow fanatic and I love custom designed throw pillows.  I have throw pillows on just about everything in my house.  The only places I don’t have a throw pillow is the kitchen and the bathroom, and as soon as I figure out how to integrate them in those rooms, I will!!  I think it is not only a great way to brighten up a room; it is also a great way to support the arts.  With my oldest daughter being an artist, I have a big place in my heart for all those artists out there who are trying to get themselves noticed.  It is a bit like recycling, in that one small change can be the start of a great effort.  If each of us were to buy an item that was created by an artist, we could promote those artists with just that small step.  If I am able to support and highlight an artist via this blog, I am very happy to do so.

Deny Designs is one of the few places on the internet that has been able to marry an artist with a consumer.  The heart of Deny Designs is to give an artist the opportunity to show their work and be noticed by a pool of potential buyers.  What is unique about Deny Designs is the way they are able to make these artisans work within several mediums.  If you find an artist you like, you can browse through their collection with the Deny Designs website.  Once you find a rendering you like, you are able to have that image applied to fabric for pillows or a shower curtain or a clock or a phone cover.  And those are just a few cool ways you can “get your art on”.  There are so many talented artists on the Deny Designs website that there is sure to be something for everyone.  To learn more about the artists, you can visit the Deny Designs blog and read about the featured artists for that month.

Modern Oversized Floor Pillows

The seating space we have in our family room is limited, so I have been looking for modern oversized floor pillows.  I figured if the kids wanted to watch a movie with Chris and me, they could grab their Faux Cozy throws and a floor pillow and they would be all set.  I had worked with Angela at Deny Designs in the spring, so when I decided to find some pillows for the house, I knew just who to contact!!  Angela sent me a list of artists who had their work on the pillows at Deny Designs.  I decided on two artists; Madart, Inc. and Stephanie Corfee.

From Madart, Inc., I chose the 26X26 size pillow ($69.00) with the work entitled “Fall Colors”.  This absolutely stunning mix of breathtaking colors and whimsical design would fit well into any decor.  The artist from Madart, Inc. is self-taught (which is completely flabbergasting when you see the works from this talented artist).  With an inspiration based in nature, you can find colorful depictions of trees, boats, animals, sun rises or sunsets, just to name a few.  I think the artist summed up the work she does when she was quoted for saying, “which If every time someone looks at my art and it makes them smile, I know I have achieved part of my dream and purpose in life.”  At least for me, you have accomplished that goal with my family ten -fold!  Thank you for your whimsy, your gift for mixing the perfect colors to accentuate the beauty of your art.

From Stephanie Corfee, I chose her “Bubble Garden” on the 16X16 pillow ($39.00).  This artist and stay-at-home mom from Pennsylvania works from her home on freelance graphic design and in her time left, she creates her bright, beautiful and fun works of art.  Stephanie’s intuitive use of color is not something that comes easily and she has found a way to nail it.  For me, when I see Stephanie’s work, it sparks a youthfulness and innocence that is tied together by her choice of shapes and colors in her work.  When you look through her work, I feel as if I get a glimpse into which this woman is.  I feel her lust for life and joy she gets from her family, her art and in just about everything that surrounds her.

One reader will win their choice of pillow from Deny Designs (ARV $39.00-$69.00)

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